Gimme Shelter

On July 1, 2015, a young woman named Katherine Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien while she was visiting Pier 14 in San Francisco. Her murderer was a man protected by the SF “Sanctuary City” program. He had previously been deported five times and had seven felony convictions … read that again. 5 deportations. 7 felonies.

In March of 2015 he was arrested in San Francisco. At the time he was the subject of an “Immigration Detainer”, a request from the Immigration Department that if he were arrested anywhere in the country, he should be held until he could be deported.

But noooooo … San Francisco is a “Sanctuary City”, so they told the Immigration Department to stuff it, used the Immigration Detainer as toilet paper, and released a known criminal back out onto the streets of San Francisco … where he promptly went out and shot Kathryn Steinle to death.


Now, if you think SF should be a “Sanctuary City”, then THAT WOMAN’S DEATH IS ON YOU. Without your idiotic idea that we should shelter wanted criminals simply because they are here illegally, Kathryn Steinle would be alive, and the man who killed her would still be in jail.

So for those who think Sanctuary Cities are a fine idea, next time you are patting yourselves on the back for your virtuous compassion for felons, and giving yourselves high-fives for protecting criminals who are also here illegally, perhaps you could spare a thought for Kathryn Steinle, the young woman who your criminal-coddling policy killed, and whose blood is on your hands, not mine …


PS — Here’s the truly bizarre part. You don’t get any dang “sanctuary” in San Francisco if you commit a crime. And I don’t get a free pass either—I can’t get out of jail in SF if the Federal Government is looking to arrest my sorry corpus delicti.

So … why should alien scofflaws get a better deal than US Citizens??? Why should foreign felons who are here illegally get put back on the street while US Citizens stay in jail?!?

Man … sometimes I think that 73.6% of this whole country has gone nuts …


4 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter

  1. Willis, do you mind if I send a copy of this to Bill O’reilly at Fox News “? He is the the one that started pushing for “Kates Law”, that was somehow defeated…(NUTS), and he still continuously mentions her on his # one tv show…Thanks


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