The Good Doctor

I am absolutely stunned. Yesterday I wrote that the Democrats were tone-deaf in their pitch for money. Here’s the appeal for donations I got today from the Democratic National Committee:




“poverty is really more of a choice than anything else”

“social engineering scheme”

As he fills his Cabinet with



for some of the




we need to do everything we can to


And of course, they didn’t use the picture of him I used above. It is illustrated with the following charming picture of the good Doctor, designed to show him in his best light … yes, he’s a Doctor, although of course they neglected to say that.


The Democrats are attacking Dr. Ben Carson? And with that nasty picture and those ugly claims? They’ve lost the plot entirely. I am beyond astonishment. Let me see if I can explain why.

Dr. Carson is a world renowned neurosurgeon who is one of the most respected black public figures in the US. He was born into poverty in inner-city Detroit and he rose out of it through will, perseverance, and faith. His mother married at 13. When he was 8 and his brother was 10, his mother discovered that his father was a bigamist with a secret family, so she kicked him to the curb and raised her two sons by herself. Is Dr. Carson unqualified to understand all of the nuances and problems of inner-city life?

At 33 he was the youngest Chief of Neurosurgery in the country. He has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Spingarn Medal, and The Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal. He has sixty honorary doctoral degrees. Sixty! He has written several books and hundreds of papers on neurosurgery. He pioneered the first surgery on a fetus in a womb and developed methods for operating on brain-stem tumors.

Deeply religious, genteel, and soft-spoken, Dr. Carson is respected by virtually everyone in the black community, regardless of political affiliation, regardless of age, regardless of religion, and rightly so. His life is a triumph of faith and intention over adversity. He is a man that not only every black kid in America, but every kid in America, can look up to and admire.

Not only that, but he knows the problems of the inner city the way very, very few people at his social level do. That’s why Trump fought so hard to get him to run HUD. Yes, it’s not his field, and yes, he has no experience running that kind of organization. But I am quite sure that he will succeed at it. It’s what Dr. Carson does, as his resume eloquently illustrates.

And out of all the people surrounding the Donald, which is assuredly a “target-rich environment” in more than one sense of the term, out of the varied cast of inlaws and outlaws Trump is appointing, the Democrats choose to attack … DR. BEN CARSON??!?!

Dr. Carson? They are tearing down Dr. Ben Carson? Every black person, no, every sane person in this country regardless of race, is hoping and praying that his wisdom and strength and faith can find a way to improve the lives of inner-city minorities … and the Democrats are rubbishing his name, hoping he fails, and trying to drag him back down to their smarmy level?

I am a reasonably good wordsmith, but to my surprise I find I simply have no words for that combination of political imbecility and personal viciousness. I truly don’t. I’m shocked beyond belief.

The stupid … it burns …

My regards to everyone, rain on the horizon in this drought-parched land, and as near as I can tell anyways, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should …



12 thoughts on “The Good Doctor

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  2. Yo, was up, man? This bro’ don’t swear? Don’t do dope? Didn’t walk out on his kids? Don’t ‘it ‘is bitch? Don’t chase ho’s? Don’t carry no knife or a piece? Hasn’t resisted arrest (recently)? Repented evil, reconsidered, withdrew his hatred of ‘the other’? Empathises, discusses, speaks softly, has a divinely gentle spirit? Swotted, studied, healed, loved without limit?
    Uncle Tom!


  3. I read the good Doctor’s book “Take the risk”, excellent book. Very intelligent man. Most importantly he understands the principle of Risk and Reward that is an immutable law of our world, and trying to subvert it only leads to grief.
    Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground…
    If a man refuses to work…
    If anyone can turn around this part of the community it’s Dr Carson.

    Keep up the posts, I’m sure I’ll find something to disagree with eventually.


  4. Hello Willis,

    Whilst reading your article about needing the Democrats, I asked this question of myself: “If an opposition party has policies that seek to bring the bulk of society down to the lowest common denominator in the interest of “fairness”, rather that achieve progress for everyone by growing prosperity, how does that help with good governance? Remember the the one party GDR? Citizens (prisoners) could vote for multiple candidates, but they had to be card carrying members of the East German Communist Party. H. R. Clinton’s elites were (are) of the same Washington bubble mindset. Line one’s pockets by selling indulgences. That was a religious scam. Just like carbon dioxide credits.

    I had not planned to respond to that article, but the attacks on Dr. Ben Carson prompted me to gently admonish you for your previous generosity to the Democrats. You may be aware of Jeremy Corbyn & how he is successfully destroying the British Labour party. Oh how I applaud his unwitting actions’ The sooner the better & no returns of any kind. The numbers show that Marxist dogma has been responsible for the greatest losses of human life in history. In my opinion, social justice warriors masquerading as teachers & inculcating socialism & AGW in the classroom is tantamount to child abuse. Leftists don’t care that militant multiculturalism is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    No definition of freedom is complete, without the freedom to take the consequences. It’s the ultimate freedom upon which all the others are based. Social justice warriors are never willing to accept the consequences of their words or actions. That must be the way forward. Give them their just desserts.




    • Thanks, Perry. The problem is that I do NOT want one-party rule by either party. Yes, the Democrats are not the opposition I might choose … but we never get that. In the interim, it is important that the Democrats fulfill their function as an opposition.



  5. Perhaps the Democrats felt slighted by the good doctor because he took black votes away from them, that they thought were theirs by right.


  6. The stupid … it burns …
    No, the Evil … it festers … The Democrat Party leadership and cadres are despicable in their behavior. The Republican Party generally is the stupid one. This kind of treatment is beyond stupid and descends to a level of willful malice. I call that evil.


  7. Hi Willis. Let me quote you exactly:
    “In the interim, it is important that the Democrats fulfill their function as an opposition.”

    I don’t disagree, exactly, but I would offer for your consideration the proposition that it is more important that the free independent press fulfill their functions as reporters of events, speeches and debate. As elsewhere, I argue to you and others who listen that the two party system is by design like the prosecution and defense in a courtroom trial, two sides each advocating hard for an outcome incompatible with the other’s. Were a compromise outcome likely, it would have been developed before the issue came to trial. Each side will play hard and fast and close to the line. And voters, like juries, need to hear ALL the debate, all the arguments, of both sides.

    Having a reporter arrogate to himself the role of judge or referee, to call fouls and impose penalties, and to edit the tapes of the original game and play for the audience a carefully cherry-picked “highlights” reel of the best plays of one side and the worst fouls of the other is wholly unacceptable.


    • Thanks, Pouncer. The real problem is that the line between reporters and commentators is becoming blurred. I read a lovely reportorial piece the other day. The real stuff, who, what, where, when, why … right up to the end where the reporter inexplicably lapsed into an emotional rant about what they just reported on.

      Sad … me, I’m a commentator, not a reporter. And like you, I’d love for the reporters to return to their real job and leave the comments to the commentators.




  8. Willis, in case you didn’t know: To make the simple suggestions that to have any chance of succeeding in life one should (at least) finish high school, have a job and get married before having children, IS RACIST! Trust me on this. And these are all things that the good doctor would presumably promote. The Horror! I think it’s safe to say that the democratic party has lost any semblance of sanity. Or they are rightfully afraid that by taking the good doctor’s advice, many of their dependable voters might just find that they don’t need “help” from the democrats any longer.


    • Thanks, godzilla. I did know that the main difference between the poor and not poor is:

      finish high school, and

      have a job, and

      get married before having children.

      White or black, that is what makes the difference. Not college. Not where you were born. Those three things.



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