We Need The Democrats Part II

In my earlier articles on this subject, We Need The DemocratsThe Good Doctor, and The DNC Attacks Dr. Ben Carson, I’ve done my best to encourage the Democrats to stop pointing fingers outwards and point them inwards instead.

I say this because the Democrats need to get back on their game. I don’t want a one-party system on the Right any more than I liked the past eight years of a one-party system on the Left. I wanted the Republicans to hold Obama’s feet to the fire then, and I want the Democrats to hold Trump’s feet to the fire now. And to do that they need to figure out what they did wrong. Not what the FBI or the Russians or the alt-right or Fox news did wrong. What the Democrats did wrong.

I am saddened to report that the universe often does not go in the direction I might desire … who would have guessed? For the latest evidence of this, I offer Bill Clinton’s statement explaining Hillary’s loss:

He doesn’t know much. One thing [Trump] does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.

Instead of bashing Trump, and blaming the Russians, here are a few of the questions that Bill and Hillary and the Democrats might profit by asking themselves: bill-and-hillary

• You mean there actually are white men out there who are angry?

• Why wasn’t I notified?

• What on earth do white men have to be angry about after eight years of Democratic rule?

• Why aren’t workers in shuttered factories happy with just getting retrained as restaurant cooks and getting on with their lives?

• Don’t they know that the death of the middle class is preordained by free trade and comparative advantage? Why do they struggle against their known and settled fate?

• What is wrong with Hillary’s unspoken message that the elites know more than the common people do about how said plebeians should live? After all, they do know more, every elite I ask says so …

• Is denouncing your opponent’s supporters as “racists”, “sexists”, “a basket of deplorables”, and “angry white men” a productive political strategy that should be duplicated in future campaigns?

• Democrats have said that the Russians used propaganda to affect the election. There is evidence that the Russians hacked information. However, there is no evidence that the Russians made what they found public, and Assange says what he released was from a leak, not a hack. In either case, the “propaganda” in this case was verified emails showing the Democratic National Committee was corrupt to the core; that they conspired with Hillary’s campaign to exclude Bernie Sanders in the primary elections; and they corruptly passed secret debate questions from CNN to Hillary so she could falsely pretend to be knowledgeable. Discuss and debate.

Look, I’m serious here. We need the Democrats to get back on their feet. To do that, they need to end the endless blame game and consider just what they did and did not do that lead up to their loss.

Want to know the most meaningful statistic for me out of this whole election?

According to exit polls, white women voted for Trump by a “yuuuuge” margin, 53% to 43%. Hillary was unable to convince white women, her closest sisters, the very people you would expect to be her natural power base, to vote for her. She was able to convince lots of other groups of women … but sisters can always see through you.

Forget about white men. Only when the Democrats understand the inability of Hillary to reach white women will they understand the cause of their spontaneous auto-defenestration. And I hope understanding comes soon. This endless parade of excuses is unseemly. It’s time for Democrats to look inward.

Regards to all,



19 thoughts on “We Need The Democrats Part II

  1. Why this white woman would never vote for Hillary:
    1) she believes in abortion on demand up to the point the child is born
    2) she thinks the village should raise my children (I’ve seen the village – no thanks)
    3) she has put down those of us who have chosen (I gave up a 6 figure job) to stay home and raise our children
    4) she doesn’t believe we should be allowed to homeschool
    5) she doesn’t believe I should be allowed to defend myself with a gun

    Those are just the beginning. And just so you know, I didn’t vote for Trump, Jill, or Gary either.


    • I’ve seen this response on a few sites, it seems to be doing the rounds. Here my thoughts.

      1) Pro life should not just be related to abortion. Right to life is also the right not to die from poor healthcare, poor legal systems, pointless wars or malnutrition. Campaign for all life.
      2) I live in a small village. I like it. ( Maybe there is a another meaning to this?)
      3) It’s easier to give up a six figure job than a low paid one where you work 70 hours a week to feed your children.
      4) Home schooling is not the issue, it is what you teach children that is the critical point.
      5) The US has has by far the highest number of gun fatalities from both accidental gun deaths as well as criminal ones. That does not suggest that guns are a very effective was a defence against bad people. Almost a third of a million gun related deaths in ten years. (Though to be honest I don’t think the firearms problem in the US can be resolved, it’s gone too far, all we can do in the West is to ensure it does not spread, but it is not something to see as positive)

      I did not not vote for any presidential Candidate, I voted Plaid Cymru.


  2. Willis, you live in California. I lived in the Bay Area for 22 years (moved to Florida in 2013). You urge Democrats to “look inward,” but surely you must know that is not psychologically possible for most such folks (if California Democrats are typical of Hillary and those who ran her campaign, and they are IMHO). To do so with effect would require most to confront who they are, their most fundamental beliefs about what is “right,” and understand the validity of others’ negative perceptions of them.

    Only understanding that can one then develop a strategy that might have a chance of getting some to do so. Your exhortations to them are not likely to have much impact, just like skeptics’ best analyses as to why AGW is far from well-demonstrated is unlikely to change the thinking of most climate scientists or knowledgeable layman.

    Religions understand the requirements to convert others’ thinking, and those requirements are awful in the main.

    What we need is what the Democrats don’t want, and are actively surpressing in our schools and universities: free and open discussion where the null hypotheses are the principles our Founders’ used to establish this country.

    Maybe if Trump can pursue the policies he says he will, and maybe if those policies have effects the majority are willing to agree are beneficial, then maybe the most “progressive” among us will be sufficiently marginalized and ~10% of those who voted for Hillary will feel sufficiently “safe” to espouse and support a more conservative view of government: that it’s a necessary EVIL only because we need common defense and a system of domestic justice. Anything beyond that becomes the Devil’s workshop for government, as our Founders understood from a deep understanding of history and the human condition.

    We hoped the country would understand some of the above after Ronald Reagan….and all we got was Jimmy Carter and then a slow decent into the governmental morass we now have.

    I’m in your corner, Willis. We need a vibrant debate, but that’s only possible when people don’t believe the outcome of the debate is an existential threat. Many Democrats truly believe “all good things” will be destroyed if their views don’t prevail. That’s not the foundation for debate.


  3. “I say this because the Democrats need to get back on their game. I don’t want a one-party system on the Right any more than I liked the past eight years of a one-party system on the Left. I wanted the Republicans to hold Obama’s feet to the fire then, and I want the Democrats to hold Trump’s feet to the fire now.”
    A nice goal, but the Dems have gone so hard left they will lose the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential before they awaken. And it may be worse than that……..

    They once were the party of the working class, the middle class, and shared economic and cultural and social goals with them. Now they sneer at the workers and their values and call them names and belittle them. They see their future and it does not include the working class or the middle class, and most especially it does not include any Caucasian folks, especially male ones.

    With the outrage meter pegged at max for any and every thing Trump does BEFORE he takes office, there is nothing left for AFTER he takes office. There are no degrees of perpetual maximum outrage, so all Trump’s action are and will be equal and the public will just tune them out because they are are always at maximum outrage.

    There are no bumpers signalling out of bounds. Entertainment, news organizations, the list goes on and they are all telling the Democrats that they are fine and it is the Evil Trump and the deplorables who were fake newsed. A bigger clue bat will be required to overcome denial.

    The Democrats have the Bernie Socialist Communist wing and the Hillary One World Globalist wing. The Republicans were all Globalist with Lower Taxes until they got Trumped, now we need to give it a while to see where this shakes out, but so far it looks like reality is taking center stage.


  4. I grew up is in So Cal and lived in both No Cal and So Cal when the state had two strong parties. I remember when we had S.I. Hayakawa and Alan Cranston as our two Senators.. and the Governorship went from Jerry Brown to George Deukmejian and George had Willie Brown as the Speaker of the Assembly. That was the zenith for CA in IMHO… Now the state has only one party and I am safely ensconced in Colorado where we have two parties.. a Rep and Dem for Senators and Dem Gov and the state legislature is split.. and the folks have got to figure out what works for both parties…


  5. There’s an old saw that seems applicable to modern Democrats that goes something like, “When you point your finger at someone else, there’s three pointing back at you.”

    Based partly on psychiatrist Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.’s book, “The Liberal Mind – The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”, and over a decade of observing (on Fox News) Democrats saying and ardently defending any silly idea that pops into their heads, I’ve concluded that the vast majority of Democrats are utterly incapable of serious, honest introspection. So I don’t expect them to modify their behavior in any meaningful way any time soon. To be honest, unlike you, I really don’t want them to. I can’t see any benefit of having people with minds so incapable of rational thought having any serious grip on the strings of power. Much better, IMO, to let “the adults in the room” run the show.


    • Regards, Lynn. The problem with not having a strong opposition is that power tends to corrupt … and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. If you don’t have an opposition you have a monopoly … no bueno.

      So yeah, I do want to have competition. It is as good for democracy as it is for capitalism.



  6. Interesting to see that Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. If my lessons on US politics are right that makes her the candidate with the highest number of votes in US history who still lost the election. Whoever wins, such an electoral system appears flawed to those outside the US, and possibly to those who are citizens.


    • Gareth, you misunderstand the basic nature of the US. It is not the “United Citizens of America”. It is the “United States of America”. In order to keep the populous states from sweeping the vote, in order to be sure the votes of the citizens of even the smallest state counted, we have the electoral college. So what to you seems to be a flaw is actually a feature. Here’s where we’d be without the Electoral College, if the vote were by popluation:

      Lots of folks live in other states because they do not like the laws in Californiastan, they do not want to be ruled by the bizarre ideas of the Californicators. Without the Electoral College, basically three states would rule everything—California, New York, and Texas. A recipe for disaster.

      Best regards,



    • These figures are suspect Gareth as you may already know. The problem is of course of their own making given the laxness in constructing an electoral register that would prevent gerrymandering. As the Veritas video’s revealed cheating has long been a facet in elections, for example I learnt of this in Mayor Daly’s Chicago decades ago, doubtless there are plenty of other examples you could advance. Add in the lack of voter id in some States and it becomes open to question how many eligible folk are actually voting and how many who are getting a say they ought not to have. The US needs to put its electoral rolls in order and ensure only those citizens who have a legitimate right vote, this also must mean tying in those who have died so they can be removed from the roll.


  7. It is true that in general without a realistic political opposition governments tend to become less responsive to balanced policies. This is not a good thing. However the key caveat here is political realism and this attitude has largely vanished from western culture. Taken its place is a smugness, one that comes across as we know best, a view that dismisses anyone who does not agree with the contemporary message as put forward by the elites and its lackey media. In the elections aftermath there is little sign that this will change, the Clinton camp continue to blame anyone and anything other than looking at how they conducted the campaign. I cannot see this changing until the Clinton’s are prosecuted for their many crimes and Trump’s hoped for successes for America expose the fearmongering as just that.


  8. Actually reading the constitution and understanding that maximising your vote in a small number of populous states won’t win you the election.. Hell I’m British and don’t live there and I know this…


  9. Trump’s ascendancy indicates we need the Republicans to get back in the game too, instead of being Democrat-lite. Both parties have been more concerned with ruling (albeit to different degrees) than governing. Trump, despite seeming to be a wackadoodle, expresses the urgent need for both major parties to stop fooling around and work for the benefit of the country.


  10. I think we should consider outlawing political parties.
    I don’t insist on the idea, but there are many arguments in its favour, and it needs discussion and debate.

    The biggest reason to object to parties is the removal of choice from the electorate. Parties give you a choice between ‘Menu A’ or ‘Menu B’, but no way to pick ‘some from Menu A and Some from Menu B.’

    Secondly, there is the conflict between the interests of the party and those of the electorate. Endorsed politicians will almost always vote on party lines rather than vote their conscience. This has produced ridiculous situations where politicians have voted for legislation they have not read.

    Thirdly, there is the exclusion of candidates from the pool. I’d have rather voted for some people who failed of pre-selection (In the USA that’s failed the primaries) than vote for the endorsed candidates.

    Parties have voted themselves special electoral privileges and campaign finance that they should not have.

    We could declare them criminal conspiracies, and create the offence of ‘associating with a known politician’ for elected representatives that associate outside of the House where their every word is recorded.


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