Does The Media Report All Muslim Attacks?

I see that the Donald has raised the ire of the media by pointing out that many Islamic terror attacks go unreported by the mainstream media. The media asked the Press Secretary Sean Spicer to back that up, and he gave them a list of 78 attacks … what a piker. The number is far higher. There’s a list of most of the Islamic terror attacks in 2016 here. They define an Islamic terror attack as follows:

These are not incidents of ordinary crime involving nominal Muslims killing for money or vendetta.  We only include incidents of deadly violence that are reasonably determined to have been committed out of religious duty – as interpreted by the perpetrator.  Islam needs to be a motive, but it need not be the only factor.

… We usually list only attacks resulting in loss of life (with a handful of exceptions).  In several cases, the deaths are undercounted because deaths from trauma caused by the Islamists may occur in later days, despite the best efforts of medical personnel to keep the victims alive.

… We usually don’t include incidents related to combat, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless it involves particularly heinous terror tactics, such as suicide bombings or attacks on troops sleeping in their barracks or providing medical care to the local population.  (The BBC study apparently did not differentiate).

Regarding the list they also say:

In 2014, the BBC did a thorough analysis of Islamic terror attacks occurring during the month of November.  They found 664 attacks and 5,042 deaths.  Our list has only 284 attacks and 2,515 deaths for that month, meaning that we undercounted the true extent of Islamic terror by a significant margin.

The first thing I can say about that is look at the numbers! In one single MONTH the number of Islamic terror attacks was somewhere between two hundred eighty-four and six hundred sixty-four … and the media claims they are reporting all the attacks? Get real!

Figure 1 shows the deaths, not the injuries but the deaths, from Islamic terror in 2016:


Figure 1. Total deaths from Islamic terror attacks on a day-by-day basis for the year 2016.

Here is the ugly reality of Islamic terror. It is way, way underreported because most of the victims of Islamic terror are Muslims, many of them women and children in countries whose names we can’t pronounce. Islamic terror starts as domestic terror against women and moves out from there.

And when we turn that rock over, we find that on average, in 2016, globally there were SEVEN ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACKS PER DAY WHICH MURDERED AN AVERAGE OF 58 PEOPLE PER DAY!

I’m sorry to be shouting, but the President is right about this. The amount of Islamic terror around the planet is greatly underestimated because the death of a brown-skinned Sunni Moslem woman in a distant country at the hands of her father and brother for the crime of having dated a Shiite Moslem boy is not news in the US. Doesn’t even make the back pages. Seven Islamic terror attacks per day, fifty-eight people murdered per day … and the media claims they’re all over it?

Spare me. Here is a tiny part of the whole list, covering from the last couple of attacks on Christmas Day 2016 to the end of the year …

terrorist deaths.png

It’s a dry-looking list, but behind each line there is endless personal tragedy. “A 30-year-old woman is beheaded for leaving the house without her husband”

Think about that, folks. THAT is Islamic domestic terrorism of the most despicable kind, and it is so common the media doesn’t even notice.

There’s more, sorrow and pain after sorrow and pain, “An Austrian woman is stabbed for reading the Bible at a refugee camp” … thirty-two people injured when “Bangsamoro Islamists bomb a boxing match” … surely you remember the media coverage of that one …

Finally, I have to laugh when people talk about “Islamophobia”. A “phobia” is a fear of something imaginary. I’m afraid of something actually happening, a resurgent militant Islam killing people around the planet.

Fifty-eight people dying every day from Islamic terror is not imaginary. It is all too real, and if you are not concerned about it … well, perhaps you’ve been lulled to sleep by the mainstream media’s claims that they’re telling you all about the attacks.

My guess about what happened? President Trump got briefed by the military/intelligence about all of the people dying around the planet from Islamic terrorism. It looked something akin to the list above, which is 2,524 incidents long, and is 21,226 deaths long, and only covers one measly year. And Trump looked at the list and went whoa, how come the media isn’t reporting this?

So he said that, and the media freaked, Sean Spicer was tasked to back it up, and Sean did a poor job of it. Poor joker is the lightning rod for the whole lot of them, it’s a thankless job.

Hoping that this redresses the lacunae in the Administration’s presentation, I remain,

Yr. Obdt. Svt.,


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45 thoughts on “Does The Media Report All Muslim Attacks?

  1. Thanks W.

    Actually as a consequence of the polemics, a lot of newspapers have unwittingly reminded their readers about how many attacks have been reported. No one with a sane mind will come out of this thinking Trump overreacted, or terrorism is not a major problem.

    One side note: Islamophobia exists IMHO as long as it is properly delimited. I use the word to describe those who talk about Islam using words that would be considered antisemitic if spoken against Jews. Maybe it should be called antiislamism.

    Everything else is of course, not Islamophobia.

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  2. “Think about that, folks. THAT is Islamic domestic terrorism of the most despicable kind, and it is so common the media doesn’t even notice.”

    For the record Willis, that reference is “Sharia Law” in play that the media continues to ignore and supports by default via such inaction. It is the legal system used, not considered anything else, where it takes place.

    Perspective is eveything.


      • No doubt, but it is the law of the land in many countries. Oddly enough many of the U.S. media elites and progressives would not exist in such stuctures, but they simply ignore the ideological incompatibility and support that which would ultimately vanquish them from existence in those environments. Ironic, in the end.


      • In addition to the Koran component of Sharia, there is the Hadith and Sunnah and more. There is what Mohammed wrote and said and there are also the traditions from the time of Mohammed. It’s complicated.


      • “It is a fear which is way out of proportion to the actual threat, like triskadecaphobia, the fear of the number 13.” Personally, I call “phobia” an irrational fear: but in a Western liberal – democratic socialist, pro-equality and freedom, such as myself, it’s a perfectly rational fear of what islamic domination would do to all we hold dear – the kind of rational fear which motivated my parents to join the Royal Navy against Nazi Germany. I hate quibbling about grammar / spelling instead of responding to the message, but as a minor addition (which can be ignored by everyone so inclined) my Ancient Greek says thirteen is “triskaideka” (three and ten). Regards!


    • Oil isn’t afraid of water.

      Having said that, I still don’t care for the term Islamophobic because there are no similar terms in use like “Christophobic” or “Commiphobic” to describe stances against other religions or political ideologies.


  3. Meanwhile, the Great State of California is busy eliminating the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, between legal and illegal immigrant, and undermining the laws of the Nation.
    Who has time to worry about a few beheadings, mutilations, and suicide bombings?



    That means an average four days of Islamic terror attacks kills more people than all the nuclear reactor accidents in the last 60 years combined. Does Greenpeace know about this?

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  5. Every once and again, you spring one on me…

    And today’s vocabulary word of the day: lacunae.

    Of course, it’s no surprise that the media doesn’t report on all those injuries and deaths; just look at how they cover the gang injuries and deaths in Chicago; sometimes it’ll get reported as a total for a bloody weekend; otherwise, it barely intrudes on the media’s consciousness. That being the case, how would anyone expect them to cover a machine-gun mess of 6 dead and 7 injured in some far off place such as Afhoye, Somalia, on the other side of the world?


    • And that somehow is supposed to alibi for them? The news is news, and when news was actually written, people actually bought papers and read them. Every story isn’t a front page story, but it could have been a 12th page news item instead yet another advertisement for the latest “day after pill” or what have you. There was a time we actually paid attention to the “the rest of the world,” but education and TV talking heads moved that out of our consciousness, and Madison Ave and Wall Street moved bullshit in in its place.


  6. Thats the killings Willis…in Europe little to nothing is reported on the widespread bad behaviour of migrants (invaders). The extent of it is not reported..just videos appearing here and there which I cannot readily acquire. However, somebody in Europe (Germany?) is posting such videos on twitter regularly.

    There is some stuff from the US. I note the increase of mass prayers in city streets which needs to be stopped. I never saw that in the M.East…so why here in the West?

    I’m pleased Mr Trump published the list. The media here in UK picked up immediately on the negative side and missed the issue completely…smugness abounds.


    • “in Europe little to nothing is reported on the widespread bad behaviour of migrants (invaders)”
      That’s because they don’t have freedom of speech “constitutions” in Europe, in fact just the opposite, where almost any fact spoken word against Islam or Muslims can be considered “hate speech”:
      “A police officer who broke ranks to reveal that migrants are to blame for the vast majority of serious crime in Sweden is now under investigation for incitement to racial hatred.”


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  8. Thank you for putting numbers to this Willis. One can guess this has been under-reported, but the magnitude is surprising. Even after eight years with a leader who couldn’t use ‘Islamic’ and ‘terrorism’ in the same sentence.


    • Apparently the Pentagon has been under-reporting the number of airstrikes – it was a pretty big number. I think a lot of things Obama has been hiding will be coming out.


    • dearieme February 8, 2017 at 5:53 am Edit

      “Does The Media Report All Muslim Attacks?” Nope. I wonder, do they report all US attacks on Muslims?

      Inside the US, pretty much yes. People are hysterical about “islamophobia”, anyone who looks crosseyed at a Muslim gets outed by the media. Real attacks are rare.

      Outside the US, I’d say mostly it’s the military. Don’t read much about US citizens going to war against Muslims overseas.



  9. Not sure if this is on the list – London last year: (American killed and 5 others stabbed)

    “Russell Square Knifeman Sought Help in Mosque Before Stabbing Tourist”

    Its not classed as terrorism…the impact widely is identical in my view. So they get an EU passport in weak europe and import their problems both mental and religious to UK…no doubt with support from here. There exists a video of two men running away of which one was this person. It might be mental, but the fleeing part shows awareness of that terrible act. Each one imported simply heightens the risk of attack…which is terrorism.


  10. Trump continually plays the MSM – now instead of discussing who commits terrorist attacks, were discussing the number of Islamic terrorist attacks. It’s no longer the who, it’s the number. The who is now settled.

    It’s the art of the deal – now that we’ve established you’re for sale, let’s talk about the price.

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  11. Similar factors are at play in this and your previous post. The media will focus on the USA first, and to a lesser extent other ‘civilized’ countries. It’s like the tree falling in a forest, if some poor people in a country few have heard of are killed, it didn’t happen. As far as Putin, the media see him through a US only lens. Russians and much of the rest of the world will indeed see little difference between Putin and Barack (the drone king) Obama. Some will say the US has a much higher kill count over the last decade or so.


  12. “Yr. Obdt. Svt.,”

    Who you think you are kidding ?
    Being neither obedient or a servient, you are a “spanner in the works”.
    Just need to know where to insert it.


  13. I almost choked when one of the media groups defended themselves with “we reported on 75% of the ones Spicer referred to” as though that disproved what had been said! It illustrated quite effectively the whole point.

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  14. The intention of terror attacks obviously is to spread terror. So this for me creates a bit of a quandary because the media amplifies the effect in other words it aids the spread of terror. Should any of these attacks be reported? It is not very likely for any of us to die from a terror attack. Yes the perpetrators must be pursued and prosecuted but would it be better to only report such things in a dispassionate way later?

    During the Second World War about 50 merchant ships were sunk off the New South Wales coast (Australia) you can find this in historical records but you cannot find it in the media of the time. We were at war publishing such things would help the enemy and I think we are in a sort of a war.


    • Interesting question, Mike. While I think violence should not be sensationalized, I do believe in accurate reporting. And I think that the world would have a more accurate view of the dangers of militant Islam if, say, all of the column inches devoted to the Kardashians were instead devoted to the true costs of Islam, particularly the costs to women.

      As my daughter says … “In your dreams, Dad!” …


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  15. Trump must be wrong, just ask Obama…the attacks were simple “Workplace Violence”

    Being afraid of someone that has said they want to behead you (and has followed it up with examples) is not, and has never been Islamophobia

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  16. “It is a fear which is way out of proportion to the actual threat, like triskadecaphobia, the fear of the number 13.”

    I think most folks’ fear of Islam and Muslims is way out of proportion to the risk. It’s like being afraid of gun owners in USA. Now there’s a risk folks could do something about by extreme vetting prior to licensing individuals.
    Why don’t we do it? Because we perceive risk in mostly irrational ways tempered by our psychological biases. For scholarly treatment of such ideas refer to the body of work in the economics sphere addressing irrational decisions made by intelligent people about risk aversion.


  17. Willis, thank you for putting your research into such a neat package – I was trying to figure out this very question (WHAT unreported attacks is he talking about?!) and this was immensely helpful.

    In a sort-of defense of the mainstream media – they feed us only what they think we want. And they determine what we want by looking at their ratings. My personal reaction to a 20min report about a squirrel holding up traffic in Philly, followed by “It’s snowing again!!”, followed by “Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump” followed by “MORE snow we’re doomed!” is generally a resounding WTF.
    But somehow, somewhere, people must want this …. else why are the ratings not beneath contempt?

    Remember Ted Turner’s CNN? Live from Baghdad? “This is Bernie Shaw. Something is happening outside. … Peter Arnett, join me here. Let’s describe to our viewers what we’re seeing… The skies over Baghdad have been illuminated. … We’re seeing bright flashes going off all over the sky…”
    I know that guys like those are still out there. Hell, I’m friends with one.
    But somehow what airs in the good old US of A is … squirrels.

    “My guess about what happened? President Trump got briefed by the military/intelligence about all of the people dying around the planet from Islamic terrorism. It looked something akin to the list above, which is 2,524 incidents long, and is 21,226 deaths long, and only covers one measly year. And Trump looked at the list and went whoa, how come the media isn’t reporting this?”

    Right back atcha. The “How come HE didn’t just SAY that” part.
    I can follow your line of reasoning. It makes sense. What does NOT make sense is that I have to backtrack my CinC’s thought process again and again to determine WTF he’s talking about this time. Especially if the solution is as simple as “And this is why I’m saying it: look at these numbers. Right here. Want a copy? Get everyone a copy.”

    In that scenario I might go out and tell people “see here, my CinC cares about the big picture, based on verifyable information. And I fully support that, disagree though we might on other issues” instead of having to go on the befuddled defensive yet again because “Media bad! Because I said so.”

    That said, the issue of reporting on terrorism is an entirely different can of worms. Media attention is what these people WANT. The more the better. On the other hand, if you don’t report at all, the people at risk have no way to inform themselves about the actual danger. It’s FUBAR. Catch-22. Kobayashi Maru.

    What I completely disagree with? Permitting the terrorists to drive us to actions guided by fear. Not concern, not tactical risk assessment and shuffling of assets to adapt to a threat. Fear. A reaction highly disproportionate to the actual situation.

    “Bad media not reporting on attacks!” breeds fear.
    “This is what’s happening, we’ve not been properly informed/have not paid sufficient attention, so I’m telling you now, and this is what we can do about it” is how you draw up a battle plan.

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    • shiarrael, “And this is why I’m saying it: look at these numbers. Right here. Want a copy? Get everyone a copy.” It would make little difference to the MSM or the Dems/Socialists. They would triple-down on calling him a Muslim hater. BUT he knows that, so instead he throws out a “large” number, they fall right into the trap and starting screaming, NOT that he is wrong about attacks by Muslims, but that the NUMBER is wrong. Meanwhile folks start looking into the reality of the situation (like Wills) and find it is far worst. Exactly what he wants! When people ask is he playing “chess”, the answer is he is playing four dimensional chess and i’d say he’s playing at least 6-8 games at once: the MSM, the Dems in Congress, Soros, the WEAK Republicans in Congress, the judiciary, BIG business, other Nations, even you – – and I. The man may not be a genius, but he IS a MASTER of THE game. And here is the one thing he knows better than anyone else, you might say it’s his most powerful weapon, IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY! Follow it, find out where it’s being held, how it’s being used, who’s paying who for what, how does it get from here to there and then either force it into the light of day and/or cut it off.


  18. Willis, permission please to repost a portion (or most) of your article to another site? Deviantart. Art site but TONS of politics and people over there are screaming about Trump and the above claim.


    • Otter, I’m always more than happy for anyone to repost part of all of my writing. I cast my words to the electronic winds like floating dandelion seeds, with the hope that they fall on fertile ground.

      If you’d do me a favor, though—post a link here to wherever you repost it, so we can go watch the fun.



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