The Scariest Number Isn’t Hours Spent Golfing

In Alaska, the summers are short. If you want to get anything done during those few months you need to work long hours. When I was a younger man, in Alaska sometimes on a job we’d work what’s called “six-tens”. This meant six ten-hour days per week, for a total of sixty hours. It was long, sometimes exhausting labor, but heck, I was a young man suffering from chronic testosterone poisoning. That meant I either didn’t mind the long hours … or I damn well wasn’t going to let my workmates know the times when I did mind the long hours. It was just part of the life we led—suck it up, buttercup.

I was reminded of this when I saw the Washington Post article full of what they seem to think are some scary numbers. Here’s their graphic.


The WaPo article pointed out, for example, that in his first month President Trump spent twenty-five hours golfing. But they didn’t mention the scariest number, maybe they didn’t notice it.

Many media articles thought it was frightening that he spent more time playing golf than on his intelligence briefings. There was much angst expressed by the talking heads on this accord. But none of those articles said one word about the scariest number.

Elle magazine, bizarrely, thought the scariest number was the fact that they highlighted in their sub-headline, “He’s spent over half his presidency with non-work time” … huh? I fear innumeracy is on the rise. I guess they think he should be working more than twelve hours each and every day … But no, “non-work time” is not the scariest number.

Even Hillary Clinton got into the game. She thought the scariest number was how many hours he spent golfing versus the time he spent on “Foreign relations”. What is it about Trump and golf? Likely it’s because Citizen Trump gave President Obama so much grief about playing golf, and what goes around comes around … but no, that’s not the number that should have Hillary and the Democrats worried. That’s not what they should focus on.

The scariest number, the number that should be setting the Democrats hair on fire but isn’t, is the following:

Over the first month of his Presidency, Donald Trump worked an average of 64 hours per week … I thought we were electing a carrot-topped President Geezer, and instead we got freakin’ President T. Energizer Bunny! He’s my age, seventy, and that joker is working six tens plus an extra half day each week on putting his agenda into practice, and he still fits in six hours a week of golf?

Dang, dawg, go for it!

Kinda puts Hillary’s whining about golf in a different light, huh?

Gotta say, folks … if a man is working sixty-four hours a week on getting the job done, on my planet he can golf as much as he damn well pleases. This is doubly true considering that part of the six hours per week was when he was golfing with the Prime Minister of Japan. Although I didn’t count it in his work hours, that is assuredly a part of his job, and a very important one. Discussions on a golf course are often very productive for reasons of framing that I detailed here under the heading “Never discuss your relationship with someone unless you’re walking with them.”

If I were a Democrat, 64 is the number that would be causing me to lose sleep. When most Democrats are just arriving at work, the President has already put in an hour or two implementing his agenda and undermining the Democratic agenda.

And long after most Democrats have gone home, he’s still beavering away, getting his plans done and their plans undone … like I said, the scariest number for Democrats in all of the Washington Post data should be sixty-four, the number of hours per week the President is working. It is a measure of just how hard the Democrats will have to work to get back into power.

Here, I’ve done the wash and hung it out to dry. So of course the sun has gone behind the clouds … but heck, I have a washing machine, and I’m not working sixty-four hours per week, so I’m ahead of most of the world, life is good.


PS—How much time should a daily intelligence briefing take? He spends about ten minutes per day seven days a week on that.

Should he spend more time on it? I have no clue, I’ve never been President. However, I assume that it’s called a “briefing” because … well … it’s brief.

I’m also sure that he has people who spend all day every day on security and will brief him at a moment’s notice if it is required.

Finally, I voted for him and the US elected him to make those kinds of decisions about how to allocate his time most productively. Deciding how much to work on which projects is his job, not Hillary’s job or the media’s job. I do not think he will take chances with the security of the US.

PPS—as usual, I ask politely that you QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU ARE DISCUSSING, so that we can all understand your precise subject.

36 thoughts on “The Scariest Number Isn’t Hours Spent Golfing

  1. LOL, it doesn’t matter how many hours he works a week. It matters how much does he get accomplished. Carter was a hard worker but he involved himself in micromanaging. The chief executive should damn well not be doing crap that underlings should be doing. And if they’re not doing it you correct them or fire them and get someone competent enough to do what you want done.

    Based on the tv show Gold Rush you were having it easy . One of the mine operators fired two guys because he expected them to work 12 hr days during the mining season. You probably worked even harder when you were in the fisheries.

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    • from all reports, Trump is a man of extremes, sometimes he goes full micro-management (it was reported that he was concerned with the colors of the napkins at the Inaugural Balls) and full delegation at other times.

      But I agree, the number of hours a day spent on something isn’t the significant factor. As we talked about recently, measuring the effort put into something leads to the type of mess we have now, we want to measure the results. If someone can read twice as much in half the time, what matters isn’t how many hours they spend reading, but how much material they read (assuming equivalent comprehension/retention)


      • I once worked with a guy who said the same thing. And he quit his 40hour job. And made millions as a crude oil trader. Working when he felt like it.


    • Bear February 25, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      LOL, it doesn’t matter how many hours he works a week. It matters how much does he get accomplished. Carter was a hard worker but he involved himself in micromanaging. The chief executive should damn well not be doing crap that underlings should be doing. And if they’re not doing it you correct them or fire them and get someone competent enough to do what you want done.

      Thanks, Bear. While you are correct, no matter how much you get accomplished per hour you’ll get more done in 64 hours than in 40 hours … and by all reports President Trump gets a lot done in an hour. I mean, look at what he’s gotten done in one month …

      Based on the tv show Gold Rush you were having it easy . One of the mine operators fired two guys because he expected them to work 12 hr days during the mining season. You probably worked even harder when you were in the fisheries.

      Oh, yeah, six tens is far less than the longest hours I’ve worked. Fishing gets insane. You start early in the season with maybe a six hour “opening” during which you can fish. Then they might go to twelve and then 24-hour openings. Then they’ll stretch them out—announce a 36-hour opening and then stretch it to 48 hours. And you work as many of those hours as you possibly can, the money is big. The boat can bring in $10,000 worth of fish in an hour, you don’t want to waste even one.

      I remember once when we’d worked for three days straight. They announced a 12-hour extension that took it up to late Friday afternoon, so we knew they couldn’t extend it. Can’t fish on the weekend. I remember thinking, “This is great! Just another 12 hours and we’re done” … and then reflecting how bizarre it was that I was overjoyed that after three days working, we only had a “mere” twelve hours more before we could go spend another hour offloading and then finally and blessedly fall asleep.

      Regards, appreciated,



      • “you’ll get more done in 64 hours than in 40 hours.” It used to be more damage inflicted. So far, Trump looks unexpectedly good.

        Funny that WaPo brought this story. A joke from Europe: Trump and the Pope are boating on a lake. A wind gust blows Pope’s beanie off his head. Trump gets up, walks on waters, brings the beanie back. WaPo reports: Trump can’t swim.

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  2. who collected these numbers and how did they determine “non-work” time? how much of that time is thinking/planning, research, schmoozing with people (ala golfing with the Prime Minister from Japan)

    Time in Air Force One is not all wasted, that aircraft is setup to allow him to work.

    This makes that 64 hours a week even more impressive as it’s a significant understatement.


  3. Sixty Four hour work week, and no overtime. Oh, yea, no paycheck. Seriously, if this breakdown is correct the whole thing is scary! Imagine what he is going to accomplish when the people working under him really begin to appreciate what he expects from himself. DJT has a long record of inspiring those who work for him to give the utmost effort through his example. Meritocracy may well stop being a joke in America. And as David said AF1 is set up to allow the President to work quite effectively at any time and in any place, same for USMC1 and his various ground transport. A workaholic’s wet dream! 😉


  4. It reminds me of what happened when Brezhnev went to America to meet President Nixon. They had a game of golf and afterwards Pravda reported that Brezhnev came second. Nixon was second-last.

    When an official mouthpiece is named Pravda (truth), you know that the truth is the last thing you’ll get. Perhaps the WaPo should change it’s name.


  5. An analysis of “pool reports” by the Washington Compost? Surely no one seriously imagines either the pool or the Post is honest and accurate?
    And then there’s the information fed them: remember all the time Ike supposedly spent playing golf? Turns out most of it was dis-information (Ike was a workaholic who was very good at manipulating the lazy and dishonest press).


    • A chart like that is probably WaPo fiction. Willis is probably right about Trump’s general hours despite WaPo. He has worked at least one full day each weekend so far, and we know from Mar-a-Lago reporting that includes some latish evenings.


  6. I’ve always been with those that describe golf

    “as a good walk spoilt”

    But I’ve never come under the spell that to get tired out. hot, sweaty, bruised and battered playing sport was a fun thing to do. Although I do like to watch a good Rugby match now and again so it’s good at the moment with the 6 nations games going on now.

    James Bull


  7. Tweeting – 13 Hrs

    The media and those opposing President Trump should be relieved that he’s spent only 13 hours tweeting. If President Trump increased his tweeting time by 50% the press corpse would be completely out of a job.


    • DJT is taking the necessary steps to pitch the rotting press corpse out into the street. This screeching tantrum over certain “reporters” being blocked from an informal press briefing is great! People are now seeing that 10-12 “reporters” are perfectly capable of reporting the news, don’t need a room with over 100 “reporters” to do it. Next step? Eliminate them entirely. Trump or his designate addressing the American people directly 3 or 4 times per week, no editing, no altering. Freely accessible and un-adulterated and direct to the American people. Step after that? Require both Houses of Congress and ALL Federal government agencies/bureaus to do the same. No more back room interviews, no more “anonymous” sources, no more editing, altering or condensing. Turn on the lights and start stamping out the cockroaches as they scurry for cover.


      • There is still a need to have someone ask the hard questions, and dig up the things people don’t want to talk about.

        but the MSM has gone crazy in their united opposition to trump.


        • What happened to the need for “someone to ask the hard questions” during the 8 years of Obama Admin? As I recall anyone daring to question Barri on anything got ignored or thrown out of the room, the majority of “reporters” fawned all over Obama. Time for all of them to get thrown out. Let citizens ask the hard questions, we are the ones who have legal standing to inquire into the activities of OUR government and its employees. “reporters” have biased political agendas and lie constantly. Masking it as editing or “condensing” to fit broadcast time makes it no less lying. When you change what someone said in response to a question through editing you are lying. News media have been doing that as long as they have existed, print into radio into TV and onto internet. In the electronic age it has become the leftist’s wet dream, with which they have massively distorted the citizen’s perception of what is happening, not just in government, in every thing.

          Hell, just look at the discussion of environment and climate, this sickness has vomited all through actual science and twisted everything the public sees about it into an incomprehensible mishmash overlaid with leftist political ideology and agendas. Time for it to be ended, and US President and White House sounds like an excellent place for that to start.

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          • You are misunderstanding me. I am in no way defending the major networks (Fox was trying to ask the questions, and was shut out at times).

            They haven’t been doing their proper jobs for at least the last 8 years, and you could argue that they stopped doing their jobs sometime during the Clinton administration.

            I’m just saying that calls to eliminate the press entirely are wrong. The need to break their stranglehold is there, and so the ability that Trump has to go around them (wiht his tweets and rallys) is good. But that isn’t going to eliminate the need to have a free and independent press (which does not describe the mainstream media) keeping an eye on them.


          • We do not have a free and independent press. What we have is a totally controlled by the Democrat Party propaganda organization. Even Fox sucks their c*ck. Hell, your local news can’t give a weather forecast without spewing Democrat Party sh*t. Wake up and smell the sewage.


          • Perfect example right here in the AM, local news. Clicked on to see what traffic issues are in Pittsburgh today, got to drive to Strip District later, and instead get 7 minutes of globall warminingist and Democrat Party crap because the temps are slightly above normal for the end of February. Checked the other two local stations and the exact same crap, almost word for word. This, in a nutshell, is the problem. All of these brain numbed Democrat Party robots have to be thrown the f*ck out, they are openly pushing a political agenda through the masquerade of “reporting the news”.


  8. There is an old and truthful saying in sales: don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.
    Just because some one is “working” doesn’t mean they are accomplishing anything. In the end, productivity is what counts.


  9. I do appreciate your ‘political’ work.

    Not quite sure what some of your citizens/media have against Trump (as a Brit). I see him as an attempt at redressing the imbalance of the three legged system you have over there. Something, as a Brit, I feel was long overdue.

    I, obviously, have no voice in US politics but I do tend to note eg The Judiciary voting down DT on a particular issue… Tells me that the heart of US democracy is starting to function again. Who knows? Before long The Representatives might get a word in. All sadly missing in the politics of The US in recent times.

    Good luck to you all.


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  11. Trump probably considers much of those 64 hours fun, meaning he’s spending them the way he’s conducted his previous business work and getting much satisfaction out of the crafting of deals. Is it work if you enjoy it?


  12. Hi Willis,

    Working 6 10s is a doddle !!! … my first job on leaving school at 18 was on the construction of the M4 motorway in England. That was 7 days a week 6 am to 9 pm except for Sunday which was a ‘short’ day 7 am to 7 pm – so a total of 102 hours a week. I did that for 7 months without a day off.

    The food van came round at 8.00 am and we were allowed 15 mins for breakfast, again at 12.30 with a 30 minute break and finally it came around at 4.00pm for ‘tea’ and a final 15 minute break.

    If you have ever spent 14 hours every day on a jack-hammer breaking 3 ft long granite kerb stones out of an old road and done that for 3 weeks solid, or shovelling gravel into drainage grips from 6 am to 9 pm every day for a month then you understand what work is. I spent 3 solid days unloading lorry loads of cement in hundredweight bags (112 pounds), carrying one on each shoulder (224 pounds) and walking them 70 yards to the bulk cement mixer !! In the EU today the legal maximum allowed for 1 person to lift is 20kg or just 44 pounds !

    But it was worthwhile. I was very fit, I was earning 3 times as much as the average manual worker each week and was so tired at the end of each day all I could do was bath, eat and sleep so I spent next to nothing and saved nearly all I earned.

    Apart from anything else it left me with a deep understanding of the values of hard work and of the trials and tribulations that form the life of the average ‘man in the street’. That has been of exceptional value throughout my life in business and during a 9 year spell in politics as an independent. It left me with a clear understanding of how and why left-wing liberal values are inherently damaging for the working man and that political systems which revolve around party politicis and toeing the party line are destructive of clear thinking and good decision making.

    kindest regards


  13. Look, unlike his predecessor, Trump is a good golfer. He plays to a low handicap number which means that he can ‘do business’ while he plays. His predecessor is a neophyte at golf (it cannot be mastered to Trump’s level in even a few years) so he was basically not able to do more than work on the game while on the course. Obama needs golf experts with him on the course to help him play, Trump can enjoy (and exploit) the company of those who have broader interests.


    • Been around both kinds of golfers over the years, those who have to concentrate on the game and those who do all manner of business or shenanigans AND golf well. I get the feeling DJT can run multiple business contacts, conversations, horse around and turn an excellent round of golf all at once.


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