Evidence? …

The White House press corps and lots of politicians are all in a lather about President Trump providing no evidence to back up his claim one week ago that he was “wiretapped” by the previous Administration. To paraphrase The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the response from the White House has been “Evidence? We don’t gotta show you no stinking evidence!” 


I wrote about this lack of evidence on the day the President tweeted the whole claim about how he was “wiretapped” by the Obama Administration. That post is worth reading if you haven’t done so. Here is the important idea:

Now, to date is there any actual evidence to back up the President’s tweet? ABSOLUTELY NONE. And that is driving the media over the edge. And therein lies the beauty of his tweet.

For months, the Democratic-media complex has been hounding first Candidate Trump and now President Trump over claimed connections to Russia. To date, despite extensive investigation by the FBI, the CIA, and every media organization in DC, there has been NOT ONE SCRAP OF EVIDENCE OF ACTUAL WRONGDOING WITH RUSSIA BY THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Nothing. Zip. 

I went on to point out that the President accomplished a couple of very important things with his evidence-free tweet.

First, he got the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to add the actions of the Obama Administration to their investigative agenda regarding the election. This was a huge win, because up until that point they were only investigating President Trump. Now, they are investigating Obama as well.

Second, he highlighted the fact that to date there has not been one scrap of evidence showing any collusion between the President’s campaign and Russia. None. Zero. Zip. However, the media wouldn’t let up. So now, whenever people scream about the President’s lack of evidence, the Administration people can point out that there’s no evidence on the other side either … and that leverage has been very effective. The discussion of the lack of Russia evidence has a much higher profile now.

Finally, in a mark of true political insight, after he got the two Intelligence Committees to agree to investigate the question, he stated that the White House would make no further comment on the case, because it’s under two Congressional investigations … hey, it’s standard procedure, an official can’t comment on something if it’s under review or investigation. Here’s what I wrote at the time

A few minutes ago, the White House through Sean Spicer just announced that they would make absolutely no further announcements on this matter until the House and Senate investigations are completed ….

Game, set, and match. Nothing left to see here, folks, although the media will grind on it for days. He’s already won and moved on.

How beautiful is that? For the cost of a couple tweets he gets the matter investigated by Congress, and then says he can’t comment on it because it’s under Congressional investigation! Ouroboros would weep in envy at the circularity of that argument.

And just as I predicted, days later the media is still grinding on it.

I watched the Press Briefing with Sean Spicer this morning. Again and again Sean was asked about the evidence. Again and again he said yet another variation of what he’s said in every press briefing since last Sunday, which is that they White House will not comment on any of it until the investigations are completed. The media can’t let it rest, and the White House isn’t giving an inch. The reporters simply don’t get it. It’s done and dusted, folks. The caravan has left, the ship has sailed, the game is over.

The journalists are not the only ones who don’t get it. John McCain, US Senator and poster boy for the fact that true heroism doesn’t necessarily confer either wisdom or logic, said:

I think the President has one of two choices. Either retract, or provide the information that the American people deserve.

Senator McCain’s statement contains a logical fallacy called the “Fallacy of the Excluded Middle”. The fallacy is that there are only a certain number of choices, which excludes other possible choices.

Now, all these folks keep telling President Trump what he should or shouldn’t do. Senator McCain, other politicians, the media, they all keep advising him of what they think is his proper choice in this matter.

Here’s the curious part about everyone giving him advice about what he should choose. They’re way late. The President already made and clearly announced his choice on the same day he tweeted, and it’s neither of McCain’s choices. He’s chosen to wait for the Committees to finish their investigations and release their findings, he’s told us just exactly that, and you’d be crazy not to believe him.

However, the cra-cra is not in short supply these days. Lots of folks out there heard the White House announce his choice, and it’s been repeated for well over a week now … but bizarrely, somehow it doesn’t seem to have sunk in. He won this round, folks. He achieved his objectives, and now it’s off his plate entirely. As Julius Caesar is reputed to have said, “Veni, tweety, vici”, which is Latin for “I came, I tweeted, I conquered”. And having conquered, he’s under no obligation to provide any evidence to the media, and he has no intention of doing so.

New days, new politics … what a time to be alive!

Sunshine here, feels like spring … best of the season to everyone.


PS—Is the President’s accusation true? I’m no fool, so like him I’m gonna wait for the Investigations … but in the meantime, I will note that a large number of the media reported that the President’s associates had been spied upon during the campaign, and the New York Times said reports on that spying were sent to the White House. Now they’re all saying that there was no evidence of any such spying, not a bit, and that the White House didn’t “order” anything, nothing to see here … say what?

In addition, the Obama Administration not only spied on and hacked the computer of a reporter, it spied on the Congress itself, and then flat-out lied about it when asked. So the idea of the Obama Administration spying on an opposition candidate is hardly a stretch.

PPS—The President has much to gain by NOT providing any evidence he may have, and little to lose. He wants to keep the issue of evidence alive as a counterpoint to the evidence-free Russia accusations. It focuses the attention on Obama and not on the President. And he has no objection to seeing the media all spun out and wasting precious questions on something that will never be answered. So no … whether he has evidence or not, there will be no evidence released. As he said, he’ll wait for the Committees to report back.

34 thoughts on “Evidence? …

  1. Where can you find a ‘deepthroat’ when you need one? More importantly, where is a Bernstein and Woodward to be found these days? Maybe not on WaPo…


  2. “The White House press corps and lots of politicians are all in a lather about President Trump providing no evidence to back up his claim one week ago that he was “wiretapped” by the previous Administration.”
    Trump never used “inside” knowledge to make that claim. He initially and repeatedly said that the claim was provided by “breaking news” in the MSM (therefore he could not be responsible for proving the claim). However the story was immediately twisted to make it look like he was the one and only one responsible for that story (more fake news). Then, as pointed out, he deflected by asking congress for further investigation.

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  3. Was there not a live webcam in the lobby of Trump tower watching everyone that came and went? Was there not a CNN camera peeping through the WH window watching a heated exchange with Bannon not long ago? I think that is illegal BTW…

    Ya think those are the only 2 items in play? Just sayin, evidence? 😉


  4. There is a 2008 article in RollingStone online about McCain. An utterly shocking read. A hero that man is NOT. Why is there such deferance to such an historically sleazy politician?


    • I remember John McCain originally running for office on the platform of fixing the VA. He has never done anything other than protect its employees’ criminal incompetency and direct criminal actions. So, yea, sleazy about covers J McCain.


  5. Given the Snowden revelations, can anyone believe anything a government representative states as categorically true/untrue?


  6. You reminded me of the story of the thief and the emperor. The thief was sentenced to die and sent a message to the emperor that he could teach a pig to sing. The emperor gave him a pig and granted him a stay of execution of one year to manage it. On his way back to the cell the guard said “you know a pig can’t sing!” The thief replied “Well, in the next year I might die, the emperor might die, the pig might die and maybe a miracle will occur and the pig will sing!”

    By throwing out what the Dems and the Press would view as an outrageous claim he not only made the Russians subverting the election “old news” he brought into question what things the Obama administration “might” have done. Maybe they did bug him, but even if they didn’t, with the committees investigating who knows what might crawl out from under the logs they kick? If not, people will still grow less interested in his tweet when something new comes along and it and the Russian connection will drop out of sight. Especially, since I’m sure he’ll make some tweets in the next year that wind the Dems and Press up like mechanical toys to watch them spin.


    • Well, since the “Russians” did not subvert any election in America, other countries they routinely subvert elections in, I want the “media” to keep squealing like the pigs they are, DJT is teaching them all sorts of new songs to sing.


  7. Intersting, on today’s NPR News Hour, Amy Walter correctly identified the problem: the news media is trying to have a “gotcha” moment, to get President Trump to admit that the “wire tap” was not true. President Trump will never admit such a thing even if the wire tap issue is not true. The news media is focusing on something, an admission on the part of the Trump Administration of wrong-doing that will never happen. News Hour anchor Judy Woodruff insists that the news media needs to harangue the Trump Administration on this issue to essentially tie up loose ends. Amy Walter says in effect, not going to happen.

    Keeping the news media at arm length, particularly NYT and WaPo infuriates the editors and they are left with speaking to Democrats and Democrat advisors and analysts for their interpretation on what is happening.

    Groping in the dark comes to mind.


  8. Seems Trump might be the smartest person in the room.
    He’s also got some good advisors.
    You can hope for change, right ?


  9. RiHo08 wrote (bold mine):
    March 13, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Intersting, on today’s NPR News Hour, Amy Walter correctly identified the problem: the news media is trying to have a “gotcha” moment, to get President Trump to admit that the “wire tap” was not true.

    That’s all the press corpse is doing during the Whitehouse Press Briefings; going for any “Gotcha” they can get, not just the wire tap tweet. It is Sean Spicer’s job to deny them a “Gotcha.” It is almost comical sometimes how hard the jurinalists of the Yellow Stream Media try (and fail) at the pressers to produce a “Gotcha”.

    I can’t hear the video’s of the press briefings very well, but I’ll share the link to the transcripts of the briefings. If it weren’t for the foreign press and alternate media asking the intelligent questions here and there, there would be no reason to hold these all-gotcha-all-the-time pressers.

    Here’s the link to the press briefing transcripts.


  10. Well, the “evidence” they are all screeching about rests in the hands of DeptJustice, NSA, CIA, and FBI. When the President orders them to produce the records of their activities that were ordered by a former Admin they are required by law to provide it. They refuse? They are in breach of the law, time to start arresting and prosecuting and get to the bottom of all this sh*t.


    • or as was speculated a bit on the weekend news shows, it could be that they made the raw data available to a foreign power (like the british) who aren’t barred from spying on americans, and then merely shared in the results.


      • Either way, when the President orders his subordinates at DeptJustice, FBI, NSA and CIA to produce their work product which was ordered by a former Presidential Admin they are required by law to do so.


  11. To me this whole incident proves what a great con man Trump is. Throw out an unsubstantiated accusation and divert the crowd from what is ever else is going on. Trump is a master at it — Obama’s birth certificate and the 3 million illegally cast votes for Clinton are two other examples. Make up some preposterous sh*t, Tweet it out, and see who misses whatever the master three-card monte player is really doing. Sad.

    It’s too bad that Trump’s con game worked on a lot of otherwise smart people.


    • Thanks, Steve. It’s only a con game if you don’t deliver … but Trump has already delivered, over and over. The end of the TPP is huge, perhaps the biggest thing he’ll do during his Presidency. The TPP would have continued sucking jobs out of the US, leaving us both even more indebted and less able to pay the debt.

      Then he’s put in the “kill two regulations for each new regulation” order. This over time will be hugely beneficial for the US.

      He’s also cutting the size of the bloated Federal bureaucracy, the first President to do so.

      He’s getting rid of the horrendous WOTUS rule that gave the EPA authority over seasonal pools on my land.

      You say:

      It’s too bad that Trump’s con game worked on a lot of otherwise smart people.

      If that’s how he got in, I’m overjoyed. He’s a man who is interested in ACTIONS. So he’s overjoyed that his opponents are so obsessed with WORDS.



    • Steve,
      I think you are missing the funny part of Trumps “wiretap” accusations.

      The news stories reporting the wiretap were in, among others, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the AP and CNN. All very opposed to Trump.

      These news stories first began to appear as long ago as June. At the time, they were supposed to “damage” Donald Trump’s campaign, i.e. cast a negative light on his campaign by implying that he did something wrong and deflect away from the Hillary investigation(s).

      Now, the same news media organizations are in a tough spot. Did they report fake news or not? Did they have verifiable sources or not?

      This is brilliant on Trumps part. Either it did happen exactly as they reported, or the news organizations are making stuff up.

      The technical term for this is “being hoisted by their own petard.”

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    • Steve,

      I think you are trying the con game yourself. The “birth certificate” issue came from the Hillary campaign. The wire tap meme came from the NYT. So if one were to consider that Clinton and the NYT were reliable news/information then what’s not to like? Sounds to me that you now believe that those sources are complete bullsh*t. I would agree with you there so stop choking on your wanna-be beliefs and trying to push them here and totally out of context.


  12. The story is growing legs. The House Intel Committee requested all relevant info from DoJ by close of business yesterday. (Both Russia /Trump and ‘Obama’/Trump). It did not comply, requesting until March 20. That means they are still searching for stuff. That means they think there is stuff there. And DoJ would not be the agency manning foreign operative wiretaps overseas, which is apparently how Flynn got picked up and leaked. Wikileaks said the Dem server and Podesta leaks did not come from Russia, but rather from inside the DNC. So there may be comms concerning ‘inventing’ the Russia interference angle to hinder Trump. And if deepstaters believed the Russia angle, they might well have started surveilling the Trump campaign organization. Don’t assume that everything would have been done by the book; we already know it was not in the Obama administration. Secret email account Richard Windsor at EPA, Lois Lerner at IRS and destroyed backup tapes despite a Congressional investigation, $500 million to GCC in direct violation of US statues,…


  13. Apparently there were two warrants to surveil candidate Trump but they found no criminal activity. The Senate should also ask for proof of illegal collusion with the Russians by next Monday.


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