Bad Web, No Cookies For You

Well, I wrote another long post with lots of pictures and three short videos, but the web here is currently intermittent, and when it’s running, seems like the electrons are going Solomon speed … so here’s a short post with a few pictures. I’ll post more when I get some place where things move faster.

My walk today was as fun as usual. I spoke to the old man with the wondrous beard that I always say hi to in a little hut where they sell … you guessed it, betel nut …


I asked why he had the crutches. He said “Me gatem wata behain nikap blong me. Me go long haspital, hemi putim nina, staka samting kam aot, mi no save watia”.

Or in English, “Me got’m water behind kneecap belong me. Me go long hospital, him he put’m needle, staka (lots, from “stack of”) something come out, me no save (know) what”.

I said “Ating wat nao kam out hemi Solbrew”, or “I think what comes out him he Solbrew (the local beer).”

The audience, because in the Solomons there’s always an audience, went wild … “Oh, dadi, hem save long iu”, they said, “Oh daddy, him save long you”, meaning he knows you …

Then I saw a store I hadn’t noticed before whose name was obviously affected by a “Truth In Marketing” law of some kind …


Not sure what happened to the second “O” … kinda skinny …

Finally, remember I showed some photos of dugout canoes? Lest you think that’s the only size, when I got back  to the ship a dugout was just pulling away from the wharf. I ran to the boat for my camera but he was leaving already. This should give some idea of the size …





For scale, the man in the back is standing up. I make it to be well over thirty feet in length. As to the width, here he is on the way out …






Amazing … I put a tape measure on a big canoe once … 45 feet (13 m).

More to come when the web is better, and no, I haven’t forgotten that I’m gonna tell the story of the crocodile and the tufela Panadol …


7 thoughts on “Bad Web, No Cookies For You

    • Dunno, Dawg, I’ll ask around. You looking for a job to bring you out of retirement?

      (To explain the joke, I’ve had the great pleasure to meet the Old Sea Dawg. He is a retired master mariner who has likely worn out more seabags than I’ve worn out socks …)



      • OK, I asked around. It’s a couple of guys from Oz who are planning on setting up a surfing charter busines here … madness. There are far too few spots, and most of the time it’s calm this near to the equator. I’m scheduled to meet with them tomorrow, I’ll try to talk them out of it. Economic suicide, you get a bunch of guys here for a week and there are no waves …



  1. Thanks Willis. I thought it might have been an aquaintance but certainly not if they are talking like that.
    And no, I am far too busy to come out of retirement.


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