Get Out And Vote!

Today is voting day here in California, and I just wanted to remind folks on both sides of the aisle of the amazing privilege that we have of living in a country where we get to choose our own leaders.

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I love voting in person. Voting by mail seems so sterile to me. I enjoy the give-and-take with the volunteers who staff the polling place. That volunteering is an action that represents the best of America, and I always thank them for their contribution.

Yes, I know that there are problems with voting. And yes, I know that money plays a part … although I also know that Hillary outspent Trump by $565 million to $322 million, proving that money isn’t everything. And yes, I do wish that we’d require ID for voting …

voting ID is racist.png

But at the end of the day, although as some have pointed out, democracy is a terrible system with lots of flaws … it’s still light-years ahead of whoever is in second place.

So I implore everyone who has not yet done so, to get up off of their dead seat … cushion … and get out and vote.

My final request is that we all do our utmost follow the advice of a very wise man who lived in a much more troubled and parlous time than today, who said:

“Let us neither express, nor cherish, any harsh feeling towards any citizen who, by his vote, has differed with us.”

Abraham Lincoln.

My best to each and every one of you on this awesome late-spring day,


20 thoughts on “Get Out And Vote!

  1. The question in my mind is: why would people not want to vote in every election? I’ve heard a lot of reasons people who don’t vote give, from: my vote won’t make any difference; there’s too much hassle to vote; I don’t know anything about any of the candidates; all politicians are corrupt; etc etc.

    Maybe the cost of not voting is not figured into the cost/benefit equation, leaving others to do what is really everyone’s responsibility. Maybe loosing something would make people more focused, and, then again, maybe not.


  2. I’m not sure on this but if your registered to vote and don’t, your vote is given to whoever is in power at that time. So even if you don’t vote your still part of the voting system . I’ve heard that even dead people have shown up to vote. Looking back over the years of voting it’s became clear that we vote in the best BS artist . This man told the biggest lie to the Australian people after a referendum on G.S.T just before an election. The Australian people voted against a G.S.T , and John Howard said, ” the Australian people had spoken and while he was in power there would be no new tax for the people of Australia” The first thing he did when reelected was to roll-out a new Goods and service tax (G.S.T). On the back of that medal Bush gave him the words ” liar, liar pants on fire ” should have been engraved and came out of the $50’000.00 check that came with the award .


  3. “the amazing privilege that we have of living in a country where we get to choose our own leaders.”

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Democracy may be the best of the lot, but it is not sustainable. Eventually, some mistake will be irrevocable. So every opportunity to vote is valuable.

    Representative democracy is a compromise, a step away from a true democracy. We choose from the pre-selected candidates, and from then on they vote for us, or rather instead of us, and we can only hope they vote for us. Especially since we are in effect voting for a party and not a person.

    No qualifications necessary for leaders, none necessary for voters. What could go wrong?

    “Obama defies the Constitution but sounds ‘presidential.’ Trump follows it but sounds like a loudmouth from Queens.”

    “Above all else, we thank you [Podesta] for her. Had you prevented her stealing the nomination from Bernie, we’d have a socialist president right now. That, in my opinion, was your finest hour…”


    • Toto, welcome to the blog, and thanks for your thoughts. You are right that representative democracy is a delicate balancing act. Having said that, we’ve pulled it off for 250 years, so I have hope …



    • Frankly, I don’t want a pure democracy. Basically you wind up with mob rule. Fifty-one percent of the electorate can do what it wants with the other 49%. Majority rules right? We have a mix with a Constitutional Republic with, hopefully, enough checks to prevent it turning into mob rule or degrading into a “free election one time” situation like has happened in Venezuela and Turkey. The centralization of power in Washington is what we should worry about along with the collapse of local governments like Illinois.


      • Hi Bear ,
        Democracy meaning “Rule of the people” sounds like the people are in control , but wait, if you look up the meaning for the word “rule” it means “to control” So what democracy really means is “control of the people”. And the MOB that rules over us is the Government. Their like farmers and the people are their way of making money , were the livestock so to speak. We get a chance to vote for the best liar the MOB has to offer .


  4. I hadn’t thought of it before jmorpuss mentioned it above, but it’s totally true: not voting is a vote for the status quo, even if it’s not official policy.

    That said, if someone can’t be motivated to vote on their own, I don’t really want them contributing to the process. YMMV.


  5. I saw it very well-put just this morning, WRT the election in Ontario ( – Ontario, Canada, not Ontario, California) – a comment on the Small Dead Animals site:

    ” “Get ready for MSM to announce tomorrow that 41% popular vote is not a mandate.”

    Except that it is. Those who had the opportunity to vote but did not, made the choice to accept the result from those who did vote. The PC mandate in Ontario is the 41% of people who did vote plus 100% of those who did not.”


    • 41% of the people who did vote, 100% of those who did not vote, and 100& of the voters for the non-winning party. We have to respect the rule of law, even if we do not like it, therefore everyone is part of the mandate. Vote one way or the other, or not vote at all, one is swept up regardless.
      There are few more worthless places for a libertarian-leaning conservative to vote than in Maryland. The deck has been, is, and always will be, stacked.
      They says the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
      My voting rights include abstaining.


  6. Re my comment above: not any photo ID will work, it must be issued by a state agency or the federal government, a photo Mastercard or student ID won’t work. If the student ID is from a state institution then it counts as a state issued ID, so Purdue will work but Notre Dame won’t.


    • here’s a fun thing to consider.

      A California Drivers License no longer counts as an acceptable Federal ID (required for things like flying) because it doesn’t comply with the Real-ID act congress passed back in 2004 or so.

      So should a California Drivers License be accepted for voting in Federal Elections? 😛


    • That’s OK. An expired passport is not a valid ID either. Not that one’s name, birthdate, SSN or photo has changed, but an arbitrary date has passed rendering one a non-identifiable person.


  7. I’m someone who has been denied a vote, first in the UK, since as I moved, my vote was attached to my previous address. Then, as a permanent resident (think Green Card) in South Africa, I was denied a vote, even in local elections, because I was not a full citizen. Now, as a South African (I wish I could say ‘proud’, but the way our politics have gone…) I have a vote, and you can bet that I use it! Personally, I’m sorry for the Americans, who can only choose between two parties, and equally for the British, who can choose from Left, More Left and Communist. Now, down here, we sort of have to sort out which party is the least crooked…


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