Life In The Psychedelicatessen

Here, in order from the top, is the story of my wandering into the world of LSD-assisted psychotherapy … a strange tale indeed, and kids, don’t try this at home …

Best to all,


Another Tale of Derring-Don’t

Well, now that Justice Kavanaugh has endured the attempted suspension of the presumption of innocence, and the passions are dying down, I thought I’d write some more about my crazy life. I made a big swear when I was a young man that if I were given a choice between security and adventure, I’d always…

The Makena Munch

Well, in my first post in a convoluted tale of how I ended up living in an LSD-assisted psychotherapy commune in Hawaii, entitled Another Tale of Derring-Don’t, I forgot to mention what happened in Mexico on our way out of town. So let me back up a bit. David and I had gotten into a…

Mushroom-Shaped Clouds In Makawao

As promised, my path to the LSD-assisted psychotherapy community was long and circuitous. This is part three. I wrote about the first part here, and the second part here. As that second part ended, in 1971 I was 24 and living on Makena Beach, a nude beach on the island of Maui. Hey, a young…

The Group

I’ve detailed the periphrastic and circuitous path that led me to Makawao in three posts, One, Two, and Three. When I left off, Dave and I had just finished building a boat, I was living in the projection room of an old theater, I was making good money as a cabinetmaker, and I was set…

A Week In The Nuthouse

It’s a curious thing to write about a time that is now 45 years in the past. Autre temps, autre moeurs, as they say, other times, other customs. Looking back, it was an innocent time, the start of the Seventies. And I was young and foolish, as I suspect I’ve amply demonstrated in the first…

17 thoughts on “Life In The Psychedelicatessen

  1. Don’t try this at home… Looks like you took your advice seriously!
    Many thanks for all your writings – science, biographical (and sea tales!)
    I hope you have everything well archived in case WordPress take a scunner to you.


  2. Willis,
    Your shared insights and adventures keep on coming, which is a great relief to those of us who were disheartened by your report in “What’s shaking?”
    Just a quick glance at the headline, “The Ocean Warms By A Whole Little”, over at Anthony’s and I knew who was up to their usual self, without even getting as far as the byline. Yes, that’s a big smile I’m sportin’.


  3. I think it was the recently departed Richard Alpert/Ram Dass who said that psychedelics are mostly useful for alerting a person that there is something going on, outside of the normal realm of human awareness and that very often, the experience can trigger a quest to find out just what that something else is.
    Can’t be sure, after so many years, maybe it was only me who thought that. Doesn’t matter; shared experiences are really the only way we can truly understand another person’s story, without the involvement of our own imagination.
    Many people completely understood the sentiment of the story. Some started down the road.


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    • flogage February 11, 2020 at 10:01 am

      I’m trying to find your post where you taught yourself refrigeration and built a refer in a boat.
      You have a talent for word pictures!

      Thanks, flogage. My goal in writing is to have the reader feel like they are on the journey with me, standing shoulder to shoulder.

      Regarding my refrigeration experience, hang on … OK, found it. It’s called “Air Conditioning Nairobi, Refrigerating The Planet“.

      Best regards,



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