Women Are Not Men … Who Knew?

I see that 10% Joe has issued an Executive Order that any high-school boy who can put on a dress and sing a verse of “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” is legally entitled to take showers with high-school girls, because feelings.

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with that? I mean, no teenaged boy, all of whom are the unfortunate victims of chronic testosterone poisoning, would ever dream of misusing such a rule, amiright?

Quid Pro Joe also said that you can’t keep “transwomen” from competing in women’s sports, subject to the rules of the various governing bodies. I’ll return to this question in a moment.

I see that currently, in addition to “transgender” people being able to decide what sex they are, we have “transracial” people who are able to decide what race they are, and “transabled” people who are able to decide if they are disabled or not. Its all based around them feeling like they are a different race, or feeling like they are disabled, or feeling that they are a different sex.

Not kidding about the “transabled”, by the way. See here for a discussion of the latest wokeness. This woman, for example, is perfectly healthy … but she FEELZ disabled …

This all reminds me of the old joke, viz:

How many legs does a cow have if you call a tail a leg?

Now, let me be clear about a couple of things.

First, if a man decides to cut off his marital tackle, purchase a pair of DD breasts, and take hormones, guess what? It doesn’t magically turn him into a woman. It turns him in to a castrato with a funny chest and a drug habit, which is not a bad thing, but it can’t make him a woman. Biology roolz.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with some adult doing that. Their body, their choice. I have a neighbor, we’d been friends for 20 years when he went under the knife. Been 20 years since then, we’re still friends. However, neither he nor I is under the illusion that he’s a woman. He feels better about himself after the change, and I say more power to him and wish him all the best.

This is fine as long as it’s not done for personal gain. Unfortunately, far too often these days it is for personal gain. For example, in the UK and parts of the US, if a man convicted of a crime says he’s a woman, regardless of the state of his genitalia, he can force the government to put him into a women’s prison.

Now, here’s a test to see if, unlike Basement Joe, you understand men and women. What bad thing might possibly happen if you put men into women’s prisons?

Yep, you’re right. Women prisoners get raped. See, e.g., Seven sex attacks in women’s jails by transgender convicts. Gosh, that’s totally unexpected and unpredictable. Here’s one of those charming UK “transwomen”:

And what will happen if we let high-school boys compete in girl’s sports, as 10% Joe has just ordered? Well, here’s a Connecticut high-school “girls” track champion.

For those of you with daughters, that’s who they can look forward to competing with. Bigger stronger boys. Yeah, that’s totally fair.

Now, when I started researching this question, I knew that there were inherent differences between men and women in sports. The first thing I looked at was the speed of professional tennis serves. Sabine Lisicki just broke Venus Williams’ women’s record, with a serve speed of 131 mph (211 kmph).

How does this compare to the men’s record? Sam Groth has the record at 164 mph (263 kmph). And although I can’t find a comprehensive list, the 35th fastest men’s serve speed is far above the women’s record at 143 mph (230 kmph).

Frustrated by the lack of tennis data, I decided to look at times in the 100 metre sprint. The record time for women is by the amazing Florence Griffith-Joyner. FloJo’s record time of 10.49 seconds has stood since 1988, one of the longest-standing records in sports. Here she is, an awesome athlete at the peak of her form, with her trademark long fingernails, after setting an Olympic record in the 200 metre sprint.

And how does that compare to the men’s records? There, we do have complete data. And to my great surprise, I found there have been no less than 5,731 men who have run faster times than FloJo’s women’s record time. I say again, there are 5,731 men who could have beaten Florence Griffith-Joyner on her best day.

And those are the senior (adult) men’s records. In addition, there are no less than 157 high-school boys who have run faster times than FloJo at her finest.

Look, folks, you can fool all of the people some of the time … but you can’t fool nature.

Here’s the tragedy. If Dementia Joe’s Imperial Edict About Men Pretending To Be Women is allowed to stand, then women will never win again. High-school boys will grind FloJo’s astounding accomplishment into the dust, and some man will be crowned as the World’s Fastest “Woman”.

Here is the bottom line.

Girls and women deserve testosterone-free showers, dressing rooms, bathrooms, domestic violence shelters, jails, and sports facilities.

Those are NOT places for men, whether or not they’ve cut off their johnsons, bought new chests, or taken up drugs.

For those who would accuse me of lacking compassion for the trans folks, I would counter that they not only lack compassion for women, they are determined to erase the historical and modern records, rights, and privileges properly accruing to women.

And for every Democrat who voted for Joe Biden … the only thing I can do is shake my head and wonder how you square your conscience with destroying the hopes and violating the privacy of your daughters.

Gotta say … this lunacy turns my stomach.

My best to all alike,


PS—Oh, right, I didn’t finish the old joke, which was:

How many legs does a cow have if you call a tail a leg?

The answer is:

Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.

27 thoughts on “Women Are Not Men … Who Knew?

  1. “Feeling like they are disabled…”
    Maybe this stuff has been going on a bit longer than we all thought.
    My guess is that Michael Mann feels like a scientist.
    And no doubt Dementia Joe sometimes feels like a Beloved Leader. “Salute the Marines…” as he says…


  2. Yes, I agree. All I can conclude is that this situation is the result of a long term orchestrated plan by the leftists over 50 years or more to infiltrate every area of society slowly but consistently so that over time a significant percentage of the population will subscribe to this lunacy.

    Some people question how the politicians could be so stupid to implement this stuff. I don’t believe they are stupid. They know what they’re doing and what the ultimate result will be. Agenda 21 comes to mind.

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  3. re:sports
    Even if you accept the premise that ‘transgendered’ people have a real medical condition, there are a lot of medical conditions (and drugs prescribed for conditions) that disqualify you from participating in sports.

    I see no reason why a Y chromosome shouldn’t be a condition the disqualifies you from participating in women’s sports, or the taking of sex hormones, or even the elevated level of testosterone (even if natural)

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  4. The lunacy would be funny were it not so destructive. And not just destructive of fair competition in sports, destructive of factually based rational thought, and destructive of rational public policy. Which, in my darker moments, I suspect is the whole point of such crazy ideas.

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  5. Women’s sports are over. Strip the funding and make everyone play on the same teams, two birds, one stone. Ain’t leftism grand!!!!!


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  7. It’s just insane. Nobody wants it barring a tiny minority of Lefty loonies.
    I dont like that the term ‘sexual assault’ is being used for rape these days, lessens the impact of the crime as sexual assault could be something a lot more minor.

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    • Louise Burns: “I dont like that the term ‘sexual assault’ is being used for rape these days, lessens the impact of the crime as sexual assault could be something a lot more minor.”

      Good point about language, Louise. My understanding of assault is a person getting totally in someone’s grill with threats of harm. “Ima gonna KEEEL you! Let’s rumble!” Assault and/or battery is when there is physical contact; you get clopped in the chops or hit with a ballbat. That’s my understanding. Rape, and it is spelled out in the legal code, is unambiguous.

      So taking your point about language back to the topic, either you were born as an innie or an outie. All these other terms – transgender, trans-sexual, 4-speed manual tranny… whatever – are designed to cloud the issue so that language means whatever people who want control others want it to mean. (I confess, I am totally lost when it comes to 57 genders; La plume… Le gendarme… and after that, I’m lost.)

      If you respond to or accept any of the vague terms, then you are arguing semantics and not the underlying premise.

      I’ll back you up, Louise. Throwing rape in with sexual assault diminishes rape, which either did or did not occur. So then sexual assault, which has degrees, can start to be sliced and diced until child molestation becomes just some odd sort of thing adults do and not the terrible thing that often ruins the rest of that child’s life.

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      • That’s exactly the reason for it. When I heard then term sexual assault I always thought “not rape then” until I realised they’re lumping rape under that term. But sexual assault can mean someting like ass grabbing so, whilst bad, not in the same league as rape.

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        • Louise writes: “ass grabbing”.

          OK. I’m a guy. I did not think of “ass grabbing” as many, many women have experienced that, and have dealt with it by either cowering or hauling off and clopping the guy in the chops or kicking him in the dingleberries. Guys get that kind of attention much less often or never so it doesn’t always come to mind.

          Yeah, there are some things that occur where the gubbmint need not be involved . A good swift kick in the nuts often cures what what delusions ail a guy. No PC translation needed, either 😜
          Hmmmm… maybe women’s soccer has some hope. “Oopsie. Didn’t mean to kick you their, fella… um…. ‘missy’. I’ll just take my yellow flag.”

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  8. Thanks for this Willis. Well done. I just bought the book by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay called “Cynical Theories”. They chronicle the spread of this bizarre form of thinking. It is dangerous! We need strong voices like yours to point out the danger.

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  9. There are victims, and then there are fake victims.

    Workers before universal franchise? Victims.

    Blacks before the civil rights acts? Victims.

    Middle-class feminists? Fake Victims.

    LGBT+? Fake victims.

    BLM/Antifa? Fake victims.

    But hey, the victim gig is such a high!


  10. In the transabled category are also people who believe that a limb, eye etc. isn’t theirs and wants them removed. I supposed that China Joe will demand that doctors perform the removal since they’re already removing working sex organs. Few doctors would do such a thing right now.

    My solution is the sports issue is to drop all men’s and women’s sports and replace them with XY and XX games. That way you’re not discriminating against the trans. If they have a Y then that’s where they complete and 2X’s compete with 2X’s. No gender discrimination based on what they consider gender now.

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  11. The Politician’s Syllogism:

    – Cats have four legs.

    – My dog has four legs.

    – Therefore, my dog is a cat.

    ( – or as Monty Python had Hitler telling the German “World’s Funniest Joke”: “Mein dog has no nose!” “How does he smell, mein Fuhrer?” ” – Awful!”


  12. We are entering an era of spiritual enlightenment. It all centers on the belief in souls. If your soul tells you that you are disabled, behave that way. If your soul tells you that you are a woman, you are a woman – your male body be damned.

    It tells us a lot about Democrats that they would go wholesale for this “enlightenment” while preaching “science”. Biology be damned.


  13. You got me thinking about becoming a “trans”. “Transabled” sounds like a quick retirement plan. If I can get Social Security disability and maybe Workers Comp and a Disabled parking permit then I would certainly feel disabled. Hell, I might even feel my neighbor’s dog’s balls for that kind of reward!


  14. Willis,

    Your comments regarding adolescent males taking advantage of Jibbering Joe’s edict on tranny athletes made me laugh out loud. I know that when I was in my high school and early college years, there would have been many a day when a sudden burst of testosterone- fueled “femininity” would have led me to demand my right to shower with the girls 🤪


  15. Not that anyone will give a rat’s, but I thought the conclusion to the number of legs joke would be ‘one’. How? Well, by defining a tail as a leg, it becomes apparent that the four actual legs need to be renamed as something else. Therefore, the cow has one leg, and four other things. . .


  16. Cromwell’s face looks male. (Yes, can’t always tell.)

    The phenomenon you cover has three roots:
    – emotions as a means of knowledge
    – psychological wants
    – greed (it’s a way of getting money from others)

    There are cases of someone hurting themselves so they will be in the disabled collective.

    A fem in Spokane was tinting her face and representing herself as ‘black’, somehow light black counts as ‘black’ even though mixed race gives brown. Finally her whitey parents got fed up whith her lack of ‘content of character’ and outed her.

    Then there was Faucahontas, of at most 1/256th American Indian blood, who listed that on her resume but without the proportion. The cognizant tribe told her off.

    A key part of many cases is collectivism – wanting to belong to a group. (They are ‘groupies’?) That’s false self-esteem, which leads to considering other groups as inferior thus exploitable. (Nathaniel Branden’s early writings had support for proper self-esteem.)


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