On Historical Responsibility

So let me get this straight.

The Dixie Chicks had to change their names because “Dixie” has a historical association with slavery.

Confederate flags are banned because of a historical association with slavery.

A fraternity can’t have an “antebellum” party because of a historical association with slavery.

Statues of Robert E. Lee are being toppled because of his historical association with slavery.

So … why can people still vote for the Democrat Party, when Democrats were the core of the Confederate south, the founders of the KKK, the creators of “Jim Crow” laws, the people who did their best to prevent black people from voting, the people who kept segregation going for decades, the people who elected KKK Leader and 10% Joe Biden’s good pal Robert Byrd to Congress, and the people who have a stronger historical association with slavery than the “Dixie Chicks” could ever have?

Seriously, if we’re busting people for “associations”, how about Democrats?

Now, please don’t post to say something like “But the Democrat Party didn’t found the KKK”. You’re right, the Party didn’t … but I didn’t say that. I said DEMOCRATS, not the party but Democrats, did all of those things.

Jon Grinspan , the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History:

It would be wrong to say the Democratic Party started the Civil War. It would be right to say some Democrats really contributed to the start of the Civil War.


The KKK is almost a paramilitary organization that’s trying to benefit one party. It syncs up with the Democratic Party, which really was a racist party openly at the time.

From the fact-checkers:

Experts agree that although factions of the Democratic Party were responsible for the South’s secession and the rise of the KKK, it is inaccurate to claim the party is responsible for either. The Democratic Party was undoubtedly the party of racism and white supremacy during and after the Civil War.

Which is exactly what I said.

So I ask again … if it’s OK to bust Robert E. Lee for what he did during the civil war, why is it OK to vote for the Democrat Party, which was “undoubtedly the party of racism and white supremacy during and after the Civil War.”

Me, I say either bust all of them or none of them, and my vote is, none of them. Not one.

A quote from one of our greatest modern minds is apropos here:

And here’s another comment on the question of historical responsibility …

Finally, an earnest plea. Like an old book says, “Let the dead bury their dead”.

So how about we all let go of this historical madness and leave the sins of our ancestors behind?

Or to quote Thomas Sowell again:

My very best regards to everyone, white, black, or green, Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.


26 thoughts on “On Historical Responsibility

  1. Very much correct, but the reason a frat can’t have a party is because they’re a fraternity. They could have called it anything, but I’d have bet a sorority wouldn’t have faced the same problem.


  2. Dinesh D’Souza did the deep dive a couple years ago, before the woke media hopped fully into bed with the Democrats – THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, REVEALED

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  3. One step better, how about forcing the wokeists to openly condemn slavery as it exists TODAY, instead of their constant caterwauling about past injustices or the direct results of the actions taken by people today that leads to them being shot by police? They apparently have no problem with slavery being openly practiced across Africa and Asia as we speak, focusing instead on kangaroo hide in shoes and moldy old statuary their political party put up during their march to drive blacks in America back into third class citizen status. Lets hear them criticize islam and Communist China. Yea, fat chance.


    • Not just Africa and Asia, 2hotel9, modern slavery is rife in Europe as well. But the wokery can’t be bothered to find out what is happening now.


      • FauxJoe has signed EOs to bring more of it to America, too. Orders to ICE to stop interfering with child traffickers, because it is part of their culture, are surely not far behind.


  4. Brilliant essay, Willis. Short and to the point. By the way, why do you think Thomas Sowell has never received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Surely his work is monumental in its topic, depth, analysis, and implications for human affairs. If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize, it’s Professor Sowell. The Swedish Academy better act quickly because, although in excellent apparent health, he’s 90 and may not be with us much longer. And, we’ve already lost Walter Williams. Talk about racial injustice!


    • “By the way, why do you think Thomas Sowell has never received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Surely his work is monumental in its topic, depth, analysis, and implications for human affairs. If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize, it’s Professor Sowell…”
      -John Miller (above)

      Damn, that’s a very, very, very good idea!

      …and (regrettably) I have to say that I’ve got a sneaking suspicion the Nobel Committee doesn’t like what Professor Sowell professes.


  5. The reason Thomas Sowell has not received the prices he would deserve is not because of his race but in spite of it. The real reason is that his thinking does not fit into the official narrative.

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  6. I was already a conservative of a libertarian bent when I first encountered Thomas Sowell and was hooked after reading one of his earliest books: Knowledge & Decisions. His subsequent books dealing with cultures, migrations and geographical influences on development brought so much enlightenment to my enquiring mind.


  7. Here’s another thought. In the book The Year 1000 by Danziger and Lacey we learn that a serf could become a slave voluntarily in England by placing their head in their lord’s hands. It was called “head for food.”

    So. What is the difference between that and modern welfare where you put your head in your welfare bureaucrat’s hands and get a check for housing and food?

    We need to understand that there are plenty of people that just want to check out of the struggle for existence. Always have been, always will be.

    What should we call them? Slaves? Helpless victims? “Oppressed peoples?”


  8. Please do not try to convince the dems that they are racists. Their whole construct is that if you are losing an argument (which the almost always do), just pull out the race card. Well I say bull shit on that. Fark them and all their stupidity. They use selective history just like they use selective logic. They are liars, thieves, and cheats.

    [Macromental, I’ve toned down the language and removed the call for violence in your post. I understand your frustration, but my blog is not the place for calls to kill people.

    Best regards,



  9. I like to read Thomas Sowell’s reflections and articles and more recently Jason Riley’s. I tend to learn from them as opposed to others whose sole purpose is to lecture me with their racist “white supremacy” assertions. I can’t help to gravitate to those people who endeavor to inform.


  10. I just finished reading Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissent with regards to the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania. He deserves an elevated place in current times as well as in history. They just don’t make ’em like him anymore. I have followed his decisions for many years and he has my utmost respect.

    Read it here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/breaking-supreme-court-refuses-review-pennsylvania-election-cases-alito-gorsuch-thomas-dissent/


    • Say what? The Democrat party is the Democrat party. They are not the Republican party. Racists made up the Democrat Party of old, while Republicans were anti-slavery. From History.com, regarding March 20, 1854:

      “In Ripon, Wisconsin, former members of the Whig Party meet to establish a new party to oppose the spread of slavery into the western territories.”

      The Democrats have always been the party of slavery, racism, and the KKK. They were the party that opposed the Constitutional Amendment freeing the slaves, and opposed the Reconstruction. They were the ones who passed the Jim Crow laws.

      And no, those are not “conservative” positions. They are racist positions.

      So I fear your comment makes no sense.



    • And yet another big lie. Democrat Party is and has always been the Party of racism and hate. Nothing changed, same scumbag Democrats are racist now as then, only the names change. But hey! If it makes you “feel” better to believe lies told by lie spewing liars who hate you please do so. Your denial of reality is duly noted.


        • I was born and raised in Pearl River County Mississippi during the ’60s and ’70s and I know the fact is Democrat Party has always been the Party of Racism, Hate, Rape, Murder and Slavery. NOTHING CHANGED. Democrat Party is the Party of Racism, Hate, Rape, Murder and Slavery today, see them importing their new slaves across the southern border. Slavery ended because Republican Party stood against it. Freed slaves had the right to vote, own property, educate their children and run for public office for 30 years after the Civil War, there were black members of State legislatures and Congress. Democrat Party wormed its way back into positions of political power and began stripping blacks of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights and they are still doing so today. Defend enemies of America all you want, that makes you an enemy, too.


      • I am from the south. I don’t need media to tell me what I know. Conservative voters in the south were once with the Democratic party but switched ideologies. I know this from experience.


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