Over The Border, Under The Border

Months after being put in charge of the ongoing crisis at the southern US border, Kamala Harris still hasn’t done more than get kinda sorta near to visiting the scene of the crime.

However, at long last, Heels-Up Harris has laid out her plan for addressing the “root causes” of the people pouring over the southern border.

Of course, anyone with three functioning neurons knows that the “root causes” of people streaming into the US are:

  1. Biden sent a signal by ending work on the border wall.
  2. Everyone knows that the Biden Administration is just letting people come in, arresting them, and then flying them somewhere in the US and setting them free.

If you were living south of the border, you’d be crazy to not take that deal.

But Kamala, of course, doesn’t have three functioning neurons. She thinks the root causes are that Central American governments are not doing things right … so to solve that, she proposes giving the corrupt autocrats in charge of those countries billions of YOUR US dollars.

Here’s her laughable “Five Point Plan”.

  1. Address “economic insecurity and inequality” in Central America.
  2. “Combat corruption, strengthen democratic governance, and advance the rule of law” in those countries.
  3. Promote “respect for human rights, labor rights, and free press.”
  4. Counter and prevent “violence, extortion, and other crimes perpetrated by criminal gangs, trafficking networks, and other organized criminal organizations.”
  5. Combat “sexual, gender-based, and domestic violence.”

Yeah, as if Democrat Governors and Mayors have been so successful in doing those things in the US. For example, there’s no “violence, extortion, and other crimes perpetrated by criminal gangs, trafficking networks, and other organized criminal organizations” in Chicago or New York, right?

So she plans to do in foreign countries what her Democrat counterparts and co-conspirators have been totally unable to do in the US … and she is so criminally stupid that she thinks she can do it by padding the Swiss bank accounts of the corrupt government officials in one of the more corrupt parts of the planet, using your and my money.

And here’s the worst part.

As long as the cataclysmic stupidity continues of allowing people over the Southern Border with no consequences, NONE of the things she proposes will make the slightest difference, even in the very unlikely event they are successful.

Why not?

See below …

Democrat voters, this insanity is on you. People are dying in the desert; among the people coming in are murderers, rapists, and child molesters; COVID-infected illegal immigrants are being imported into the US and released without supervision; children’s corpses are being found in the border wildlands, and the blood is on the hands of 10% Joe Biden, Kamala “Kneepads” Harris, and YOU.

Vote the Democrats out, root and branch. Their policies are lethal, and their victims are innocent.


10 thoughts on “Over The Border, Under The Border

  1. Thanks, Willis,

    I could not agree more.

    Both of us have lived in the Golden State through Kamala’s rise to power under Willie Brown. We have watched her scandals involving mass incarceration of minorities and huge payoffs to protect her top staffer from sexual abuse charges.

    Now it would appear that Joe and Kamala are trying to set the all time record for illegally crossing our southern border. It’s too bad that their exuberance for “refugees” does not extend to the actual Cubans refugees who are fleeing a truly repressive government in Havana.

    I keep wondering why none of the major media outlets are questioning why the number of COVID “cases” are increasing while we are distributing hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers (none of whom are vaccinated) all over the country, but at the same time we are banning visitors from Europe who have been vaccinated.

    Thanks again for a great post!


  2. G’day Willis,

    “Biden sent a signal by ending work on the border wall.”

    Also by closing down Border Patrol highway checkpoints north of the border. Arizona Highways “80” and “90” lead from the border to Interstate 10. They no longer have active checkpoints. Those checkpoints also had drug-sniffing dogs. I think they probably pulled over more vehicles for drugs than they did for “non-citizens”.

    I’m hoping that these mid-tem elections will be similar to those for Carter, Clinton and Obama, significant changes in the House and Senate, and that the new comers have the guts to do something about the situation.

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  3. The daily message from Washington DC is that the ruling class has complete control of our Republic and that the Constitution and laws mean nothing.

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  4. I saw a news short this morning implying that even a few Democrats were starting to notice her screwups and admit her incompetence. They’re also starting to writing her off for the 2024 Presidential race. However, unless they come up with new drugs I don’t think Pres. Biden will last until 2024 which puts Kamala in the Presidency. Just guessing but that might be why Pelosi has proposed a law to restructure the 25 amendment. After all, she is third in line. Wouldn’t that be a fine way to end her career :<)

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    • I forget who I was reading but he laid out a very plausible course of action. Get Kamala to resign (she may not be overly fond of the job now) Biden gets to submit a replacement VP. He suggests Janet Yellen, not black but female anyway. She’s an insider and somewhat used to taking some political heat. Biden retires and bang, President Yellen. This makes real sense so the democrats probably won’t understand. I think that’s why democrats are so gun control, because they keep shooting themselves in both feet.


  5. I don’t live in the USA.
    But jeez I worry about the way the world’s beacon of democracy, freedom of expression, and free market enterprise is under attack by your current government.

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  6. Kamala continues a style of work that brought her near the top. In 2008 a California election passed a Proposition 8 which amended the California Constitution by a sentence “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” Gay right advocates sued the constitutional amendment as unconstitutional. Attorney General Kamala Harris did not defend the Constitution – I am not sure if it was a dereliction of duty. Without defenders, the amendment was scratched. The will of the people be damned. Mission accomplished.

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