Where Has All The Outrage Gone?

It seems that the US population has lost the ability to be outraged.

I was a kid during the Eisenhower Administration when a con man named Billie Sol Estes was involved in bribing Department of Agriculture employees. There was such publicity and widespread outrage about the case that it was the subject of not one but two popular songs. Here’s part of one of them.

“Billie Sol Estes, we’re proud of you son
Hey Billie Billie, Hey Billie Billie, Billie
You had to be Texan to do what you done
Hey Billie Billie, Hey Billie Billie, Sol!

While other kids saved up their nickels and dimes
For jellybeans, licorice, and fudge
Well Billie saved too and when he had enough
He bought him a federal judge!

While still in his teens he was very perplexed
As to what field his fortune was hid
His uncle suggested he go into steel
And that’s just what Billie boy did!’

Congress got involved and conducted hearings on Estes’ business dealings, including some that peripherally involved Democrat Vice President Johnson, a long-time associate of Estes. In 1963 Estes was tried and convicted of fraud. It was a huge story in the newspapers, one of the few I remember from that time.

But in the last few years, we’ve seen Democrats doing the following with almost no pushback or consequences of any kind:

• Paying Christopher Steele to create a totally bogus “Steele Report” full of lies, and with a totally compliant media and the full assistance and power of the FBI, using it to first try to defeat a presidential candidate and then bring the President down. In other words, a totally illegal and fortunately unsuccessful coup attempt.

• The FBI Director lying to the President and then leaking confidential information to the media. The FBI. Director. Leaking. Government. Secrets. And what happened to him? Nothing. The old saying that “Fish rot from the head down” has rarely been more appropriate. The FBI and DOJ are now nothing but vicious pit bulls operating as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.

• The FBI opening an entire investigation into citizens who have the damned arrogance to think that they can speak freely to their local school boards, calling these concerned parents “terrorists”.

• The FBI illegally covering up the Hunter Biden notebook containing damning information about the crimes and corruption of the Biden Crime Family, in order to prevent President Trump from winning the 2020 election. This strikes right to the heart of democracy.

• The Biden Crime Family illegally colluding with Facebook and Twitter to suppress and censor their political opposition prior to the 2022 election, and to bury news about the crimes revealed in Hunter’s notebook.

• The Biden Crime Family using the National Science Foundation to spend $38 MILLION to research the science of how to best censor, oppose, and target “populist politicians” … can’t have people listening to politicians who listen to the people.

This is a criminal power grab of a depth and magnitude that has never been seen in the US.

And yet, sadly, tragically, the response of the people has been mostly “ho, hum, another day in politics, what did you expect from Democrats, boooring”. Instead, folks seem to be outraged about pronouns and “misgendering”

I keep waiting for Republican politicians to grow a pair and act on this, or even if they can’t do anything about such CRIMES, at least keep them at the forefront of the news.

Hope springs eternal …


42 thoughts on “Where Has All The Outrage Gone?

  1. Politics in America have become so crooked and corrupt. And it seems that the average American has become a blind sheep. The truth is out in the open and yet people don’t do anything about the lies, the loss of their rights and freedoms. It sickens me and I have lost my faith in most of society and mankind.

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  3. If you say you are outraged about something you will be accused of being narrowminded, and that would never do. You will be ostracised, shunned and ignored by all your polite aquaintences and you will be left talking just to people like us.

    That might not be a bad thing, though ……. .


  4. Communists and Nazis have a simple recipe for a successful takeover of a state: Get control of media. When opponents yell, no one can hear them. Re-read Orwell’s “1984”. Internet is an ideal medium for achieving a total control of the present, and the past.

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  5. Not quite so bad in Australia, but heading in a very economically, politically and socially bad direction, with the dreadful Labor government just returned in Victoria, and schools for the last 25-30 years teaching anti-Australian propaganda but failing to produce literate students. Not to mention economy-destroying energy policies.


  6. Let’s keep in mind that the Watergate Scandal was driven in large part by the FBI’s Mark Felt. In other words, the FBI has had a long history of leaking to the press to achieve its personal and political ends.


    • Seems you learned all the wrong lessons about Watergate – so much for understanding right vs wrong.

      The Watergate scandal was driven by the Republican Party operatives who conducted the break-ins led by criminals G. Gordon Liddy and ordered by “All the President’s Men” – traitors to our Constitution.

      Not by a Patriot like Mark Felt who risked everything and honored his oath to defend the nation against “all enemies foreign and domestic” so the American people found out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about their President, his henchmen and the Republican Party.

      You see, it’s simple, Nixon & co were the bad guys and Mark Felt was a good guy in that history. Why is this so hard for some people to grasp simple good guys/bad guys…smh.


  7. Willis, agree wholeheartedly but things have moved on a bit since Estes. Normally we could rely on the 4th estate (MSM) to hold government etc to account. They have been bought and so can no longer be relied upon to question authority.
    I’m a Brit with family (daughter and grandchildren in Seattle (Woke Central)) and we are heading in the same direction.
    I’m afraid the “people” have retreated into their bubbles and so don’t “see” the alternative view.
    So, the alternatives, as you say, is GOP bringing these crimes to the public’s attention – they seem to me to be somewhat reluctant to upset the Twitter mob to do so! You can be sure Democrats won’t be subscribing to your channel or WUWT or similar, so in reality in that case you are whistling in the wind – other than providing comfort to those of us on the right (or far-right as the MSM would call us) who require some feedback to show we are not alone.
    So, yes, the GOP have to grow a pair and confront the “narrative” rather as Kari Lake is trying to do in Arizona – is anyone helping her?


    • I was living in Seattle in the early 80’s and I recall an incident in Freeway Park where dozens of professionals from downtown and Pill Hill were enjoying the park at lunchtime. A young woman was attacked, dragged behind one of the concrete planters, and brutally raped. Here cries for help were ignored, and the lunchtime crowd just melted away. Hearing about this, I was reminded of the Kitty Genovese story, which had been a national scandal. In Seattle, there was no apparent criticism of the cowards in the crowd. So outrage died a while back, Willis, at least in that one city.


  8. I’m sensitive to the lack of outrage, however when a lot of people view politics as just another team sport, finding the political equivalent of Inflationgate (Tom Brady), or The Astro’s Sign Stealing Scandal (electronic rather than optical), just doesn’t fire up folks like it used too. Don’t forget Estes Kefauver in the fountain, or …, but I digress.

    Our problem is that we keep trying to have a division of labor wrt government, and the applicants for the position largely slither up to the podium. We have to stop trying to let the other guy do it, and get directly involved. As for me, I’m the worm in the worm in the apple, I’m a proud A-Cap.


  9. Maybe interesting here is that the UK BBC has been using Christopher Steele as a consultant, having had him so far twice (that I’ve seen) on the BBC news program “The Context” giving his views on current news for an hour-long program, and also claiming that his “Steele dossier” was Gospel truth when asked about it.


  10. You do understand that James Comey released Notes he wrote; not any classified information. Sure, it was against policy (sort of) but not criminal. And he did it because the sitting President had asked him to quash the legitimate investigation into his campaign connections to Russia – a potentially criminal action of Obstruction of Justice.

    But of course Barr left that out of his memo…smh.

    The Mueller investigation was only tangentially related to the Steele Dossier and that exposed over 100 troubling connections between the campaign and Russian entities…?

    You did read the Mueller Report, right?

    Why did Manafort give Klimnick internal campaign polling data.

    Here – refresh your memory



    • If Comey was doing it all so aboveboard and legally, why didn’t he just publish his notes? Instead, he secretly passed them to a friend of his, who then leaked them to the press so Comey could maintain deniability.

      I have a simple rule, Bob:

      If a man is hiding something … it’s because he thinks he has something to hide.

      As to you whining about “troubling connections”, get real. Since Mueller, $30 million dollars, and a horde of anti-Trump lawyers found nothing illegal in the President’s actions, you can bet there was nothing to find.



      • I already agreed what he did was technically not correct – but tiny potatoes compared to the violations of law by the former President, imho.

        And don’t kid yourself, the very serious investigations into the former President’s actions and the appointment of the Special Counsel is a sure indication that a criminal indictment is coming.

        And obviously, you couldn’t be bothered to actually read the Mueller Report. Probably didn’t read the Ukraine Quid-Pro-Quo Whistleblower complaint and haven’t watched or read any of the January 6th Committee testimony for yourself? Do you let media determine all your opinions…?



        Click to access the_trump-ukraine_impeachment_inquiry_report.pdf


        • I should have added – that it’s incorrect to say the Mueller Report found no wrongdoing. That shows you didn’t read the Report because it most definitely did find wrongdoing – it was only the DOJ limitations on Mueller that prevented a likely indictment for Obstruction of Justice. It specifically says the former President was “…not exonerated..”. But since Fox and AG Barr buried that you didn’t know?

          After you actually read the Report, read these, if you care to learn the truth…

          View at Medium.com


          As to January 6th, very conservative Judge Luttig’s statement is scathing of the former President



          • In the words of Shakespeare, “Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much”

            It’s all a game of finger pointing by a bunch of power hungry self centered and greedy individuals on both “sides”. As an outsider it seems no one is clean in the current cesspit of the America body politic.

            I’m with Ellis, try applying Occam’s Rasor to your protestations.

            Like beauty, the truth frequently resides in the eye of the beholder, conditioned by unconscious but very visible bias.


          • Easy to sit on the sidelines and say “a pox on both their houses”. Not impressed.

            And “Ellis”, and “Occam’s Razor?” I can’t find any comment by Ellis or anyone saying a damn word about Occam. You sure you’re in the right thread?

            Finally, the issue is NOT that I protest too much. It’s that everyone else doesn’t protest enough. They see rampant corruption, and neither the media nor the Democrats say a word.



          • It’s that you get practically everything factually wrong. I’m too busy right now to take them all but on number 1 – you say “The FBI. Director. Leaking. Government. Secrets.” but that is NOT what he did – IN ANY WAY. He leaked HIS notes. Completely different and factually incorrect to say what you do.

            And then you ignore the actual BIG point of the whole episode – that the sitting President asked him to stop the investigation!! THAT’s the big deal of the thing – not what Comey did

            So why do you ignore the big crime and focus on the little (not even a) crime?


  11. bobespirit2112 December 10, 2022 at 10:17 am

    It’s that you get practically everything factually wrong. I’m too busy right now to take them all but on number 1 – you say “The FBI. Director. Leaking. Government. Secrets.” but that is NOT what he did – IN ANY WAY. He leaked HIS notes. Completely different and factually incorrect to say what you do.

    Say what? The Inspector General says you’re wrong. However, the Injustice Department was run by Democrats and declined to prosecute.

    Yeah, having the facts on your side does get a little boring. But nothing or nobody is as boring as the former guy.

    And yet, here the oh-so-boring “former guy” is, still living rent-free in your head. Your TDS has clearly rotted your brainstem.



    • And your wrong again…smh. The DOJ was run by Republicans – AG Sessions, AG Barr, Deputy AG Rosenstein – all Republicans.
      – FBI – James Comey is a lifelong Republican. Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican. Andrew McCabe is a lifelong Republican.

      You were saying…?


      • Bob, take a look at the Twitter docs. The FBI/DOJ/DNI were ALL working to censor Republicans. The nominal political party of the agents/leaders is meaningless. You’re getting fooled by their words, when you need to look at their actions.



        • Again, try to follow some facts for once – the FBI/DOJ/DNI in 2020 were all REPUBLICANS.

          Why is this so hard for you to accept?

          There are real issues of that deserve discussion related to how a PRIVATE social media company like Twitter should handles information and misinformation, absolutely.

          However, that a PRIVATE, non-governmental entity like the Biden campaign asks Twitter to not post the supposed Dxck pics of a PRIVATE citizen like HB is hardly big news or an issue of national security, yes?

          At the same time, GOVERNMENT employees in the White House were asking for special treatment from Twitter – to run or to CENSOR certain stories unfavorable to the former President – now that’s potentially a First Amendment issue since it involves government entities, not private entities and the First Amendment deals with what government shouldn’t do.

          I haven’t had a chance to read through the whole Twitter files – I will do that – but I’d be interested if you could point me to precisely where the REPUBLICAN-led FBI/DOJ/DNI explicitly censored information.

          Also, you do realize the chain of custody on HB’s laptop was blown to pieces the second the pc shop understood what they had, yes? Who knows what was done with it – who may have planted evidence or deleted files or whatever…yes? Everything about it is suspect unless it can be corroborated by other information, yes? Disgraced, suspended attorney of the former President, Rudy Giuliani, had it for crying out loud.

          Facts…stick to the facts, not what Tucker Carlson told you to believe…smh.


          • You seem like a charming fellow, but you truly don’t seem to understand that labels like “Democrat” or “conservative” mean nothing. You’re getting fooled by words, not a good look on you.

            What counts are ACTIONS. And far too many of the actions of the FBI have been partisan, illegal, and despicable.



          • And yet you can’t point to a single specific fact that supports your premise.

            Which action has been strictly, provably partisan, illegal or despicable?

            Just because their are Republican politicians committing acts that provide probable cause of criminal activity and then require the FBI/DOJ to do their duty is what’s upsetting you. You seem to think DOJ should be keeping a scorecard to ensure they are investigating and indicting an equal number of Dems or Republicans, yes? That’s not how it works.

            It just turns out that, at the moment, there’s a guy at the top of one of the Parties who keeps giving them good reason to investigate.

            And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


          • You do know there is no more a Biden Crime Family than the Trump Crime Syndicate…? None of them have been indicted for anything remotely related to a Crime Family or Syndicate. If one is, my money is one the Billionaire, not the measly Millionaire.

            Then again, the Trump’s did have a “Charity” shutdown for malfeasance (they stole from it).

            And the Trump Campaign did share internal campaign polling data with a Russian official. Why would he do that?

            And the former President did have a mob of thouyof his supporters storm the Capitol to try to murder the VP and speaker to try to keep him President.

            And then the Trump Org Conviction. And Stormy Daniels and Access Hollywood. And hidden Classified docs even after he wouldn’t give them to the Archives and ignored a Subpoena and they conducted a search warrant. And then they still found more docs!

            Who agreed they should look in Ivana’s casket for more…?

            Yeah, he’s a bad man and done some bad things.

            As for President Biden, sure his sons a loser, but there’s no real evidence either did anything wrong, despite you calling them. Crime Family.

            Good luck with that.

            The former President has a jury in his future.



  12. I agree. I think the American Revolution was fought for less reasons than what’s happening now. A cultural lack of courage from the endless drumbeat for decades for “tolerance”? Maybe the general cultural emasculation of men? I don’t know.


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