About This Site

My name is Willis Eschenbach. I am a generalist. My CV is here, although it doesn’t contain all my scientific publications … so many tasks, so little time. I live with my gorgeous ex-fiancee near the coast an hour north of San Francisco. This is a blog of my thoughts about this curious and mysterious universe.

I also write about climate science, both for the journals and on the web. There’s a list of perhaps six hundred of my posts up at Watts Up With That, which is where I will continue to publish my scientific articles. Autobiographical posts are here, in reverse chronological order.

Misunderstandings are the bane of the internet. If you disagree with someone, please quote the exact words you object to. I can and will defend my own words, but I can only do it if I know which words you disagree with.

I strongly discourage speculations about motive, as I am often unclear on my own motives—how can I judge what drives you when I don’t know what drives me?

I also am not interested in “ad hominem” attacks, attacks “against the man”. That is to say , attack a person’s ideas all you want, but please don’t attack their person (morals, education, honesty, style, parentage, personal history, experience).

Next, as I strive to remind myself, the fact that I am offended doesn’t mean that you are offensive. As such, your expressions of offense on your part may not have the desired effect. My experience of writing for the web is that no matter what I write, someone is always offended by my words …

I moderate this site myself, so there may be longish delays in comment approval. Patience is a virtue. I have been and I plan to continue to moderate this site lightly. My rules are basically those of the First Amendment, with an additional request that everyone QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS THEY ARE REFERRING TO, and a plea for politeness.

Next, I do not tolerate being called a liar. To the best of my abilities I tell the truth exactly as I see it. I may indeed be wrong, but I am not lying. If you wish to make such accusations, all bets are off, and I will indeed punch back twice as hard.

Finally, opposing views are more than welcome as long as they are courteous. Please do not abuse those whose views are not your own. I put up this site to offer a place to debate, discuss, and explore ideas, not a place to attack individuals or groups for their real or imagined faults.


Best to everyone,