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  1. Hi Willis
    Last century, I used to avidly follow science journalism. Then I got busy with building my home, raising my kids, career, etc., and somewhat lost interest when it went political and dumbed down (“it’s got electrolytes!). I discovered WUWT when I started looking for waterfront property and wanted to assess the risk of sea-level rise (I ended up buying a place north of Tampa 8.5′ above the high tide line, BTW). Do you have any favorite blogs you would like to share?


  2. Well Willis, I believe I have the longest non stop record of all the climate data on one plot. Not that it is some kind of goal but it keeps me off the streets.

    I have come up with a new instrument. It measures the heat generated by the sun rays hitting a target and reads out in temperature. It is sorta like having an amplifier for seeing the energy producing heat in a closed container. I won’t elaborate here. You have my email address so drop me a line and lets start a discussion on how the above can be used.

    Gerry Lee Osburn


  3. Willis,
    You are one for whom I have unmitigated admiration as I’ve read what you have written since almost the beginning of WUWT. I wrote this and generally thought for a city councilman or police chief but mostly for myself. I owe you a copy as you have been such a positive influence in my life and, I might add, my writing style. It also helps to be married to an English major for 40 years. Anyway:

    The evening of February 3rd Gillette Police officers were called by the Spectrum area manager and quickly arrived to throw me out of its store on Boxelder. They rose to the task and did their job. Glad to see that it was recorded on the officer’s equipment and I openly voice recorded the half hour albeit for a different reason. I wanted that in order to listen later with my wife and try to dope out what was said. We finally settled down to do that and I was appalled. I was listening to a stupid, defeated old man. While I am no doubt that, there is something else; my hearing is abysmal and speech discrimination even worse. I cheat by watching people talk but still it’s difficult to keep a grasp on a line of conversation. I’m not giving an excuse but it is a factor, and in my life, a constant and isolating one. In the end I’m the prince of non-sequitur.

    When the first officer arrived I was across the room and the new phone that needed attention was four sneeze guards away from the work station the associate was using. But this wasn’t about health or risk; the officer told me it was about policy and rights of a business and her threat to charge me criminally.

    By the police department’s involvement in this you changed the dynamic of the whole situation. The area manager who had ignored me to that point, opened with an ultimatum and a threat to expel me. He was and I wasn’t wearing a health mask at that time. The service for the old phone had been stopped and the new one is just a fancy brick. He had no interest to get the phone going so I could get going. I’d been working through the problems sequentially for five hours much of it on hold or dealing with call centers from Bombay to Bangor. The police show up, give me a number to call and threaten arrest. The area manager smiles(you can tell by the eyes). He won.

    Please indulge me. A man pays up front for a new car in Gillette. He goes to the store and the car sits on the lot with four flat tires. The area manager schools the customer that the car is fine and it’s a Firestone problem so take the car and get off the lot or the police will come. While the customer is sorting this out the cops arrive, give him a miracle phone number to call and order him to move it or be charged and arrested. The customer walks away and stops payment for the merchandise. Ya, this is a parable; couldn’t happen.

    The Spectrum area manager and the police defeated the dumb old guy but won a Pyrrhic victory. Spectrum lost the sale of two new Apple products and four new services. That happened because the area manager got tunnel vision on forcing me to bend to his will. That was an expensive distraction for him as business gets leaner for another Gillette store front. I could have been satisfied and out the door in a few minutes if he used his claimed expertise and chosen to help me. Instead he saw it as a power struggle with the city police providing the muscle. That would not happen if the City of Gillette did not frame this as a law enforcement issue.

    How do the police come off with this? In the short term you are going to need more cops as you aggregate more and more social interactions to the law enforcement paradigm. In the longer term you are changing the generally positive public perception we carry for police. It changes from cops verses robbers to cops against everybody. There are other cities that are much further in this continuum than is Gillette. They are less happy places. I will add that it is the politicians not the people in uniform who establish the dynamic.

    I asked for but never was shown a policy at Spectrum. The Americans With Disabilities Act does require businesses to make reasonable accommodation to help us. HIPPA keeps a person’s medical situation personal. You may think I just don’t understand how dangerous and deadly life has become in the new Age of the Corona Virus and all that’s needed is to splane it to me again. I am a Certified Safety Professional and a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Right, I understand the lingo.


  4. G’day Willis,

    Thank you for recently putting up a list of your prior posts at “Watts Up With That”. I’ve been reading several, and the comments made on them. “We have met the 1%, and he is us” (Jan 13, 2013) took 4 1/2 hours. “AltUSNatParkService” (Jan 25, 2017) I managed to finish in just 2 1/4 hours. Over 900 posts – I may never get to all of them. (Born: 1941)

    I especially related to the “1%” article. Spent six years in the 1960’s working for United Geophysical, a seismic oil exploration company. Lived and/or worked in Australia, Papua – New Guinea, Singapore and Indonesia, and offshore in the Java Sea, plus three months in the US training on new equipment in ’67. For a young single man, an education. Moved to the US in 1970.

    Stories from way-back-then? The crew on Borneo lived on house boats. The second day I was there I borrowed a company canoe and paddled upstream to the nearby village. The first store I came to had access from the river and the bank. I selected the fishing gear I wanted and placed it on the counter. I had no Indonesian and the store owner had no English. He reached into the cash drawer and laid out four pieces of colored paper – I matched them. We both smiled.


  5. Willis – long a fan on WUWT. I would like to make 25 -30 copies of your “Bright Green Impossibilities” posting to distribute to family and friends but can’t get it to print from WUWT. Is there a way I can get a copy?
    C. Adams – Springfield IL


    • Let me see what I can do … hang on …

      OK, here’s what I did. I selected the whole document from the title to the end and copied it. I pasted it into Microsoft Word. Then I cleaned up the formatting and saved it to my Dropbox, where you can access it here.

      I also saved it as a PDF file for those who don’t have word. It’s here. However, because it’s a PDF the links to other documents are not active.

      I’ve added it to the head post as well.

      My best to you,



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