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This is a page for your use, to try out html tags and see what they look like, to post new ideas, to pass along interesting information, to suggest future topics for discussion, to reach out and contact me directly, the floor is yours.



20 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. HI Willis, I really enjoy the beauty of your writing.

    You may like to read about Gertrude Bell who was a remarkable English woman about a generation before your mother but who accomplished similar adventures in the Middle East and Arabia. She became the only female major in the British Army and worked with T E Lawrence. She and he shared a determination that the Arabs should be self governing but were thwarted by the government after the war.

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  2. Hello Willis. I am 77 year old uk human with a good education and love the toing and froing between headless chickens and knowledge and common sense.

    I have once posted that if all those apolitical scientist spoke always of ” ever changing climate” rather than repeat the mantra of ” climate change” we could eliminate the misinformation that pervades our media.

    Keep it all going.


    Roger welsh


  3. Jerry Pournelle passed along an interesting tidbit in his column today, Government Unions were enabled by Executive Order by JFK.

    which brings up the very interesting possibility of Trump eliminating them at the stroke of a pen.


  4. Hi Willis,
    I first appreciated your writing at “WUWT” and find your blog quite rewarding. Please keep it up. I don’t use any social media sites but wanted to recommend additional material regarding you post: “Legalize It All.” Richard Nixon merely escalated the war on drugs, it actually started about 30 earlier pushed by Harry Anslinger as head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and not just in America but world wide. The well researched book: “Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs” by Johann Hari is based on Mr. Anslinger’s paperwork archived at Penn State University. It details the birth of and ever escalating ‘war on drugs’ and describes in painful detail the negative and self defeating consequences of this obsession. Sadly, the demagogic politicians, drug cartels, and vast bureaucracy rewarded by the drug wars make its continuation likely but hope springs eternal and wider knowledge can have surprising results. After all, I went from support for to being opposed to the war on drugs too. And yes. like you, I tried some in my college years and luckily found them not worth the bother.


  5. Willis
    I enjoy your writings. Your stories are amazing to me.
    I am just another angry old white man and so, I have questions.
    One of the things I don’t understand is the immigration argument.
    The USA has taken on the responsibility of some 10 million and maybe even 15 million poor and ignorant immigrants, worldwide. I believe that is enough for now as we catch our breath.
    When Europe gets to 15 million, let us know and we can re-join the effort.
    Does this sound unreasonable?


    • Thansk for the comment, Mike. While in general I agree I must take exception to the characterization of immigrants as “poor and ignorant”. While some of them are, many of them are people smart enough to look around and see that the world they’re living in suck, and that with lots of effort and some money they might be able to emigrate to the US. They are neither poor nor ignorant, and some of them are very educated, doctors and the like.

      As to how many we are taking, the total for this year will be 50,000 … at that rate it will take us 20 years to bring in the next million, so it doesn’t seem like a huge issue. For me the question is illegal immigration, not legal immigration.



  6. Willis, can I communicate without Worldpress involved or is that how the site works? I like your blog and your point of view immensely…..l agree with your political and scientific point of view; thankyou for your work here and at WUWT. I would suggest you peak at Geoff Sharp’s site and ponder the probability that the sun’s pulse (sunspot/flares) may in fact be caused by the orbital beat of the planets around the sun. A few papers with one recent, show some relationships first with Jupiter and Saturn but in all probability, all the planets must contribute to this variation.


    • Penn Lion, when Ted Landscheidt was alive I used to communicate with him. I wanted to understand just how his theory worked … but I was never able to understand it. I even wrote a spreadsheet to give me the barycentric orbits for any time past or future, but even with Ted’s assistance I couldn’t make it work.

      In addition the forces involved are tiny ….




      • Two possible thoughts. First it might not be tides or solar wobble due to angular momentum affects; second it might be magnetics or electrical given what changes on the sun also is magnetic (flares/sunspots). The peculiar thing is that there appears to be a pattern relating to planetary position at times which correlate to tree rings and ions due to solar wind fluctuations and little ice ages. If the evidence in these physical things is real,then the cause might show it’s face. thks b


  7. Hey Willis,
    I wonder if you might tell your friend/ competition over at WUWT that his website is running really slow and has been for like a week.
    I check into 20 sites a day, and his is the only one running horribly slow.
    I can’t even get this comment up on his site.


  8. I am not a wordpress inhabitant. I live in New Zealand so many of your comments are beyond my competence to comment on. I enjoy your posts.
    Here is a site which you may not have
    I found it yesterday and was wondering where I could pass it on to.
    Incidentally one or two of your posters are ill informed about the Bible as we have it today.
    It was in fact brought together by the Church before the split between East and West.
    The interpretation and reasons why they brought those particular scriptures together can be found by asking Orthodox Churches in the U.S or the U.K I always start from Ancient Faith blogs and podcasts some are useful, others not.

    I found from Jewish world review that Jewish rabbis use other s criptures and have done so for a thousand years or more.

    The early followers of Marx were following a man who had left a strongly orthodox Jewish family to follow various fashionable 19thC philosophies. So they were skewed against Jews and Christians from the beginning.


  9. Hey Willis, I would love to pick your brain, privately, about conditions in Fiji. I am going there 2/27 to assist with a sea level survey.




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