How Canadian Carbon Taxes Shaft The Poor

Since this crazy “carbon tax” idea refuses to die, here is a series of posts that I wrote almost a decade ago about the laughably bad carbon tax in British Columbia, Canada.

Below, in chronological order, are those posts.

British Columbia, British Utopia 2013-07-11

I was pointed by a commenter on another blog to the Canadian Province of British Columbia, where they put a carbon-based energy tax scheme into effect in 2008. Before looking at either the costs or the actual results of the scheme, let me start by looking at the possible benefits…

Fuel On The Highway In British Pre-Columbia 2013-07-12

Supporters of the British Columbia (Canada) carbon-based energy tax that I discussed in my last post have made claims that the data shows this tax was a success … so being a suspicious-type fellow, I thought I’d take a look at the data myself. I didn’t figure the tax was…

The Real Canadian Hockeystick 2013-07-13

Well, the leaders of the carbophobes in British Columbia are already declaring victory for their carbon-based energy tax as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. They highlight as a main indication of success the reduction in per-capita gasoline use, and my research shows that their numbers are right. Here’s a…

Why Revenue Neutral Isn’t, and Other Costs of the BC Tax 2013-07-15

I hope against hope that this is my last post on this lunacy. I started by foolishly saying I would write about the benefits, costs, and outcomes of the BC carbon-based energy tax, so I was stuck with doing it. I discussed the possible benefits of the tax in “British…

Read’em and weep.

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2 thoughts on “How Canadian Carbon Taxes Shaft The Poor

  1. The idea of carbon taxes is to stop a domestic production of fossil fuels. Once that happens, we will have to import all fossil fuels from Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other nice countries. That will usher in the era of General Brotherhood and Eternal Peace. Long live the Progressives!

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