On Breaking Up Families

There are lots of ways to discuss what happens when someone is arrested. You can focus on the actual story … or you can focus on the human tragedy. Sadly, CNN always goes for the wrong story … here is their opener.

A 13-year-old girl wailed as immigration agents took her handcuffed father away in a black car.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents pulled Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez’s vehicle over Tuesday about a half mile from a school where the undocumented immigrant from Mexico had just dropped off one of his girls.

The dad, 48, was driving daughter Fatima Avelica to another school in the northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park when ICE stopped them. Left behind in the car with her mother, Fatima wept inconsolably as she captured video of her father’s detention. Rosary beads hung from the rearview mirror. A palm-frond cross rested on the dashboard.

Finally, somewhere below the fold we find the truth of the matter:

ICE said in a statement that Avelica was arrested because he has “multiple prior criminal convictions, including a DUI in 2009, as well an outstanding order of removal dating back to 2014.”

So the real story is, a foreign criminal with multiple criminal convictions and an outstanding order of removal who has eluded authorities for years has finally been captured and is being deported.

And CNN, the Clinton News Network, true to its reputation as one of the FAKE news media and following the bidding of their Democratic Party overseers, is pulling out all the emotional stops to convince you that deporting foreign criminals is a bad thing.

Really? It’s a bad thing to throw foreign crooks out of the country? Hey, if the wife and daughter are so devastated that the family has been separated by their husband’s criminal actions, they can follow him out of the country. I don’t want criminal scofflaws here, whether or not they are married.

Or if the wife and kids are citizens they are welcome to stay. Up to them …

CNN says that the criminal offenses occurred “almost a decade” ago (actually only eight years ago) … so what? All that means is he was sneaky and good at hiding from the authorities. Seriously, CNN puts it out as though he should get special status because he’s good at evading arrest! To me that is more reason to get rid of him, he’s too good and too practiced at breaking the law. And his criminally ignoring the removal order occurred in 2014, so he’s still up for committing crimes.

Here is my contribution to actual reality about this situation:


There will be more stories of families driven apart by the criminal actions of the parents. Have compassion for those in sorrow, but please do not be fooled into thinking that this is a reason to stop deporting foreign criminals.


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10 thoughts on “On Breaking Up Families

  1. I’m all for keeping illegal alien families together. Once the kids reach 18 they can go to the nearest US Embassy and file the appropriate paper work to activate the US half of their dual citizenship and return to America. Right after passing extensive background checks.


  2. Exactly. Sensible people need to stop letting Liberals/Progressives get them all tied up in knots about “breaking up families”. It’s the criminal-alien parents’ fault that they’re in the situation they’re in, not ours. “Dreamers” have no more right to be here than their criminal-alien parents, no matter how young they were when they were brought here illegally, nor how long they’ve been here. And as 2hotel9 said above, those who were born here can claim their rights as citizens when they turn 18 and are no longer legal minors.

    Also, the argument that children of criminal-alien parents know only our culture and language and not that of the country from which their parents came is nonsense. I’ll bet that the vast majority of such children speak their parents’ native language quite fluently, and know quite a bit about their home-country culture. Maybe Hispanic culture is different from other cultures. Every child of parents that I know who came from Southeast Asia is very immersed in their parents’ native culture and speaks the language fluently, though probably with an American accent.


  3. El Chappo Guzman has 13 children who miss him dearly.. how heartless is our government for separating this fine loving family man from his children.. FREE EL CHAPPO…. sadly I am afraid some will believe that call to insanity..


  4. My guess is we’ll be seeing fewer news items and YouTube videos of illegals waving Mexican flags, thumbing their noses at the rest of us while laughing and bragging about their status.
    Thank you, Mr. President.


  5. Yep, let’s here it for the sob stories. It’s like the story about the man who killed his parent’s and threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan.

    Liberals seem to feel that they get to decide whether a law should be followed or not.


  6. This is only one aspect of breaking up the family unit. At work are various agencies whose purpose has morphed into activities that centre on removing children from parents. The justification for these actions are various, but are usually accompanied by the phrase ‘the children are in danger.’ Sometimes this is true, but on many occasions the case is at best flimsy if not non existent. Nancy Schaefer exposes some of this ( video’s exist on YouTube about her crusade), there being suggestions that her efforts led to her murder. I see little concern about the effects on children of this state sponsored activity by the so called MSM.


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