A Plea To My Many Gay Etc. Relatives, In-Laws, and Outlaws

If someone won’t bake you the wedding cake of your dreams, I implore you, FIND ANOTHER FARKING BAKER! How tough can it be? There are literally thousands and thousands of bakers who would happily take your money to make gay etc. wedding cakes all day long.

But nooooo, that’s not good enough for some of you. Some of you want EVERYONE to bow to your sexual orientation, no exceptions allowed. The Colorado baker has to burn at the stake to slake your bloodlust … sorry, my dearest family and friends, but all that does is make people like myself, people who normally strongly support gay rights of all kinds, shake our heads at your monumental suicidal stupidity … after years of progress since Stonewall, you are literally snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

oregon bakers.png

You are setting the cause of gay rights back by decades by your vindictive actions, cheering and high-fiving as you drove the young Oregon Christian couple out of business and into bankruptcy. Please don’t fool yourselves into thinking that there is no price to be paid for that.

Let me ask you. Would you use a lawsuit to force a young gay couple to bake a cake saying

Good News!

Evil Faggots Will

Burn In Hell!

 and when they refused to bake your cake, drive them into bankruptcy?

Would you?

Didn’t think so … nobody should be forced to carry another person’s unwanted message. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to NOT speak.

So I implore you … simply find another baker, and we can live in peace and perhaps even mutual respect.

Heck, tell you what, I’ll make you a heck of a deal.

If you’ll agree to find another baker, I promise I will never, ever sue to force a gay baker to bake a cake with a virulent, viciously cutting anti-gay motto on top …

Can’t say fairer that that!

Setting all levity aside, in utmost sincerity, I remain,

Your family, your friend, your unabashed supporter always. You do you!


303 thoughts on “A Plea To My Many Gay Etc. Relatives, In-Laws, and Outlaws

  1. As I pleaded in the head post,

    I implore you, FIND ANOTHER FARKING BAKER! How tough can it be?

    In that regard, please consider the following:

    If the guy was gay, what are the odds he’d have sued … please, just find another baker.



  2. So much for Derek Williams assertions that artists won’t be fined or jailed for creating something they don’t want to do.

    Thus, Public Accommodations laws don’t cover artistic pursuits like painting, sculpture, literature and music. No artist can be pressured to create something they don’t want to create, and in none of your example would there be any grounds, legal or otherwise, to force an artist to create any of the different types of work you mention. Artists get to pick and choose, so do religions, and so do private clubs.

    Two Christian artists could face jail time under a new Arizona anti-discrimination ordinance


  3. Here is an excellent piece of writing that I must bring to your attention. It’s about cigars, but the punch line is about much much more. When any consensus (real, fake, or manufactured) becomes too overwhelming, it is used as a “reason” to make it compulsive. Reason is in scare-quotes because it is not reasonable at all. Sorry to have to point out the obvious.

    “Cigars: A Love Story or Two”, by Jonah Goldberg

    On identity politics (editing is mine):
    “My tobacco shop […] is a Burkean “little platoon,” a sanctuary from the outside world, where people too often line up according to their partisan affiliations. It’s not a No Politics Zone by any means. There are liberals and conservatives, Trump-lovers and Trump-haters, and don’t-give-a-damners of every stripe. What unites them all is an understanding that such things are only slivers of our lives. A Venn diagram of the patrons’ vocations, passions, and concerns would look like a kaleidoscope save in one regard: love of the leaf, which eclipses all.”

    Intersectionality: ‘intersection’ is the opposite of ‘union’; it is divisive.

    The State knows best:
    “That’s how it is supposed to work in a free society. Different passions create different institutions because while the pursuit of happiness, like the pursuit of a fine cigar, is an individual right, it is often best enjoyed in association with others. El Jefe never banned cigars in Cuba, but he banned all manner of other things, including many forms of association. To paraphrase the philosopher Robert Nozick, the socialist society forbids capitalist acts between consenting adults. The health-obsessed society is little different, forbidding individuals to make their own choices. ”

    The pursuit of happiness is hard to define, but since each person should define it for him/her/demselves, that is just as it should be. Oddly enough, that goal is as good as any.

    “Revolutionaries such as Castro come to power promising to create a heaven on earth, but such socialist paradises are always one-size-fits-all affairs, ultimately banning the right to be wrong as those in power define it. In this sense, Rusher was ultimately correct, not just about the glories of a fine cigar but about the individualism cigars represent. They are not for everybody, but they shouldn’t be for nobody, either. They are one of the small joys that make life pleasurable for some of us. And if that means that we can’t have some health-conscious heaven on earth, so be it. As Mark Twain allegedly said, “If I cannot smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go!””

    Regarding heaven and hell. Heaven is a utopian ideal; hell is what happens when you try to create it on earth. You can see why the great American founders wrote the freedom of religion into the Constitution. Not because religion is good, but rather because without the freedom to have the wrong religion, everybody suffers, as demonstrated by the many long and hellish wars in Europe’s history.

    Take the Climate Science CAGW religion for example. The fake 97% consensus is being used to call everyone who does not agree — and even the lukewarmers — “deniers” and to call for their punishment and/or persecution.

    Libertarian: I should be able to make my own choices. Classical Liberal: Yes, but I will try to educate you to make the right choices. Progressive: We will make those choices for you.

    As for gay marriage, nobody can find any scientific reasons to ban it (quotes from the Bible don’t count), so Laissez-Faire, live and let live. It’s a shame that the progressive element in the pro-gay-marriage crowd cannot see it that way.


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