Cartoon Bob Interviews The Prophet

Declaration of My Conflict of Interest Regarding The Man Just Beheaded For Discussing Cartoons of Mohammed:

I do have “a dog in this fight”, a personal stake in this struggle. 

During the Islamic Cartoon Wars of 2006, a number of orthodox Muslim leaders published “fatwa” death sentences on the heads of the twelve Danish cartoonists who published their cartoons of Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, Islam is a terrorist ideology. But to be fair, I didn’t expect that the Cartoon War would go world-wide.

As a result of the fatwas, other orthodox Muslims rioted in many countries. Muslim mobs burned the Danish flag, attacked Embassies, and killed two hundred people around the planet, including some poor fool Swede who had nothing to do with cartoons or Islam at all. And meanwhile, Muslim imams and religious leaders were busy approving of the violence and the deaths … it’s not just a religion, folks—it is also a terrorist organization.


Now, along with many other personal failings, I’m a cartoonist myself. So I felt that this was a fight I had to take part in. For me, freedom of speech includes the freedom to draw cartoons of whatever I damn well please. So to honor the twelve cartoonists, I drew twelve cartoons of Mohammed and sent them around to my friends. Wasn’t much, but solidarity is important and I felt I had to do something.

I’ve appended those cartoons below, so that if you are interested you can see if they are worthy of a death sentence. (Admittedly, the sentence might be for either religious or artistic reasons.)

NOTA BENE: If cartoons of Mohammed offend you, then please do not look at my cartoons. Close this page right now, and go look at something more agreeable to your spirit. It’s as simple as that. What follows are cartoons of Mohammed. It is not my wish to offend anyone, nor to push the cartoons in anyone’s face. It is your choice, and if you now choose to read further, it’s on you, not on me.

Am I concerned about publishing these cartoons? It’s not likely to lead to anything untoward, because my cartoons were done out of kindness and laughter and not out of hatred, but you betcha … I’d be a fool not to be concerned about some kind of reaction, and that’s not Islamophobia of any kind. That’s realism. A couple of the Danish cartoonists are still under police protection. My only consolation is that if some Orthodox Muslim had killed me in 2006 for drawing cartoons of the Prophet and trying to end the Cartoon wars, I’ve lived as joy-filled, marvelous, full, and exciting a life as any man has been offered.

And what’s more, in the extremely unlikely chance that happens, you can bet that my cartoons and this particular piece of my writing will live forever … the writer and the cartoonist’s reverse Faustian bargain.

So … if you do choose to look at the cartoons after being clearly warned, then your outrage or your laughter is your own. With that clear warning, viewer discretion is advised, on your head be it, the twelve cartoons are below, one in honor of each Danish cartoonist …




18 thoughts on “Cartoon Bob Interviews The Prophet

  1. Far better art than any type of technology coming out of islam, thats what pisses them off the most, their total lack of creative ability.


    • Loved the jokes bout the eternal virgins hahaha and having to do the shopping for them because they’re locked away (funny and true!)

      Regarding the lack of creative ability, it’s an interesting one huh. I mean they did invent the number system we used today (though apparently zero came from India) and I think they developed sewer systems and had a hand in astrological knowledge in ancient times. Yet now, what do they do? Some Islamic artwork is pretty but it is all the same like it never will develop any further. It’s interesting that they were once able to take steps forward in development but now they take no steps at all, unless it’s done so in a few million bloody, charred pieces….


      • Willis

        That 40 eternal virgins is in the spirit of this – IMO.

        A bloke taking the view over Hell sees a friend of former days with a small keg under one arm and a naked blonde on the other heading for a nice clump of trees and calls it to the attention of St Peter as looking a better option than feather plucking and band practice.

        He replies “What I know and you and he don’t is that the keg has a hole in it and – – “


  2. Well I have to admit – if I had eyebrows that everyone would still be laughing at 14 centuries after I’d croaked, I wouldn’t want people drawing pics of me either.


  3. Am not sure how theologically sound this cartoon interview is, but have a question that has been nagging me. I’ve been told that each bona-fide “Shaheed” receives 72 virgins for his sacrifice for the cause. What’s the reason for the paltry number of 40 we’re seeing here?


  4. When those cartoons were first published, Iran responded by holding an annual Holocaust denial cartoon competition. There’s some really weird people out there.


  5. Willis,

    If you do not currently possess the means for self preservation, perhaps you should acquire the means to do so. A most useful tool and fun to play with would be a 12 ga pump action shotgun, 25 or so rounds of 2 3/4″ OO buckshot and several foster style (punkin’ ballls) slugs for any moment that you hope never occurs. A few boxes of “low brass” 6’s or 7 1/2’s to play with with limited recoil. With a full choke ‘tube’ you got everything covered out to about 40 yards w/ the buckshot. The slugs are good for another 25 yds or so.

    The fun part is where you place cans on the ground at 15-20 yards away and stationed about 30-45 degrees apart. Now you throw the gun up and shoot as fast as possible and swing from can to can in a mixed manner. After a couple of boxes of shells you should be able to just look at your target without even ‘aiming’ and pump faster than you can swing to the next target. It’s fun and even a 13 year old can become quite proficient in short order and will want to show his Mama what he can do when you take him home!

    We live in times where some are absolutely crazy and you may need more than a frying pan or broom for defense.


    • Throughout the world there are rabid dogs and rabid men, a free citizen should be prepared to defend their family, livestock, property and selves from both.


    • Thanks, eyesonu. I have my own selection of armament here at the house. In addition, I grew up on a 280-acre cattle ranch. Everyone had guns, and it was usual for a boy to get a “deer rifle” for his 12th birthday. My older brother got a 25-35. I got a Marlin 30-30.

      So I can only agree, familiarity with guns is a modern survival skill …

      Here’s a story about the last time I grabbed my shotgun for self-defense

      Best regards to all,



  6. Only you can blend fear, nakedness, cold valor, sex, and a couple of hot ‘possums into a heroic conclusion of a frightening mystery!

    And the sound as you jacked a shell into the chamber of the shotgun. The snick-snick of the action was flat, foreboding, metallic. That alone is quite a deterrent even through a closed door or around the other side of the house.


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