Let’s talk real. Joe is not the presidential candidate. Kamala is. Everyone knows that Joe will step aside in the first couple of years “to spend more time with his family”. More than 60% of registered Democrats say if he wins, he won’t last until the following election.

With that as prologue, a lovely liberal friend said don’t worry, that Kamala is “not a crazy left wing radical”.

I thought, whaaa? She’s “not a crazy left wing radical”? Really? So I went to see what she supports:

She’s all in on the ten TRILLION dollar Green Nude Eel.

She supports you and I paying the medical bills of millions of illegal aliens.

And here’s the answer to the question that rude people always ask when someone says “Hey, it’s nice weather today, I feel good, let’s spend ten trillion dollars on unreliable intermittent energy sources …”

She supports abortion on demand right up to the moment of birth. You know, the one where they dismember the unborn child and remove them piece by piece. I’m neither pro-life nor pro-choice, I think it’s far more complex. But elective abortion up to birth? Pass …

She thinks there should be more restrictions on guns, that some guns should be seized from their owners, and she wants to ban carrying guns in public.

She supports the impeachment of the President (for unspecified crimes of course, presumably just because Orange Man Bad).

She thinks that you, I, and everyone else, including all of the Catholics and other religious folk in the US, should pay for other peoples’ abortions, regardless of anyone’s beliefs.

She wants to defund the police, but doesn’t have the albondigas to say that, so she says she wants to “redirect police funds elsewhere”. Which of course means “defund the police”, but is a much politer way to say it. At least that’s what she says today, next week is another question …

You’ve heard of people who are “gender-fluid”?

She’s principles-fluid. They’re only useful until they’re not.

She says it should be “easier” to enter the country. She says we should stop calling them “illegal aliens”, because no person is illegal, and that we should always call them by their proper name, “future Democrats”. Yeah, just kidding on the last one … but not by much, and not kidding about the first one.

She says the government should force vaccination on all children. That will go over big, I’m sure.

She is in favor of “free” college, with the proviso that in Democratspeak, “free” means that you and I will have to pay for it …

She wants the people who DID pay their school loans to also pay the loans of scofflaws who DIDN’T pay their school loans, because fairness.

She thinks “misgendering” someone, for example calling a guy in a dress a “guy in a dress”, should be a crime. Oh, and Christian bakers should be forced to bake cakes for Satanists, because reasons. However, Muslim short-order breakfast places will NOT be forced to cook bacon for Unbelievers, because Islamophobia.

She wants to give citizenship to ALL illegal aliens currently in the country, because of course that wouldn’t cause an immediate flood of new illegal aliens hoping for the same treatment, nope, nothing of that sort would happen at all.

She thinks you and I should pay for the Federal Government to tell us, our kids, and government employees that white people are all racists, and that “Critical Race Theory” is wonderful. You know “Critical Race Theory”? That is the theory that you can’t be critical of any race except for white people …

She believes that we should NOT deport an immigrant who makes a habit of raping underage girls, because boo hoo poor them hard childhood gangs no daddy.

She thinks that the Electoral College, which is why Lincoln became President and why NY, FL, and CA don’t rule the universe, should be abolished because Hillary lost. The system has worked for 250 years, but Kamala and the Democrats are all butthurt, so throw it out.

According to her, local law officials who arrest illegal aliens should NOT turn them over to be deported. Why? Because as I mentioned above, they are future Democrat voters, of course.

Here’s a totally insane one. In Kamala’s world, boys should be able by law to compete in any girls’ sports, but they have to wear a dress. Here’s one, from Gucci. A steal at £1700 ($2,205.69). Be careful not to misgender the wearer, although I must confess that on my planet, the dress itself is a crime. I mean, plaid with blue jeans? That is sooo backwoods lumberjack …

Just kidding, in Kamalaworld no dress required for the boys to compete in girls’ sports. They can compete in a jockstrap if they want, but you can’t stop them from competing. Of course, this means no more gold medals for girls … but either Kamala doesn’t care or she can’t take that huge logical step …

(I gotta stop here and loudly protest the Democrats’ bizarre support of men competing in womens’ sports. Here’s an example why. The fastest measured professional women’s tennis serve is 131 mph (211 kph). Wicked-fast, right? Bad news. That womens’ record is tied with the 135th fastest men’s serve. Not the second fastest, or the tenth fastest, or even the hundredth fastest. 135th fastest. Face it. You can’t fight biology. If men and women play pro tennis together, women will never see another gold medal. Democrats, do you want that ignominious end for yourselves or your sisters, wives, and daughters? If so, vote for Kamala. But I digress … grrr …)

Amazingly, Kamala wants to get rid of the First Amendment’s protection of Freedom of Speech. True. She thinks that the never-defined and undefinable category of “hate speech” should NOT be protected. I assume this is to make it so that she can throw people in jail if they dare to point out that she’s likely the nastiest and most vindictive Jamaican-Indian they’ll ever meet … of course it’s totally illegal to say that in Kamalaworld, it’s far too hatey.

Aliens, both legal and illegal, will be able to vote in Kamalaworld. And not just vote, but get all the benefits—health, education, the whole thing.

Oh, yeah, remember fracking, which has made us independent of Middle East oil for the first time? Forget it. Kamala wants us dependent, not independent. Sorry, all you oil states. No fracking.

How about charter schools, the only hope for a decent education for millions of minority kids? Nope. Kamala is bought and paid for by the Teachers Unions. She cares about teachers, not children, minority or otherwise.

She also says that businesses should be required, not encouraged but required, to put a woman on the board of directors of every business. Of course, as Heil Newsom has shown, this is just the nose of the camel. In California, Kamala’s home, Governor Newsom has just signed a law saying we have to have at least one of a whole list of special people on corporate boards—black people, latinos, Eskimos, left-handed lesbian poets, the list of privileged groups is getting longer every day. I thought it was illegal to make such choices based on skin color. In fact, if I recall correctly, we used to call that “racism” … but not for Kamala and her pals.

This next one is great. Kamala says that if illegal aliens don’t get “free” college, then not only should they be eligible for scholarships and financial assistance, but they should get the lower “in-state” tuition rates, because clearly they are far more deserving than Americans who happen to be from another state …

What else … if you are killed by a guy with a hammer you can’t sue the hammer manufacturer, but if you’re shot, Kamala says you should be able to sue the gun manufacturer. I fear that her next move will be allowing circumference-challeged people to sue the spoon manufacturers ..

Instead of preparing students for the real world, in Kamalaworld universities will be required to provide “trigger warnings” for anything slightly controversial, and will also be required to provide safe spaces and comfort puppies for the easily triggered … OK, I was kidding about the comfort puppies, but not the safe spaces and trigger warnings. That’s college in Kamalaworld, dedicated to shielding students from the real world. (And to be fair, after Hillary lost, there was a college that did offer students a comfort puppy to assuage their limitless grief …)

(By the way, what if someone is so jittery and insecure and they are triggered so easily that they literally shut down and can’t function when someone mentions the words “trigger warning”? If only there were some way that we could give them some kind of a warning about trigger warnings. We could call it a “trigger warning trigger warning”, but I have a hunch that might not solve their problem … but again I digress.)

She wants to lower the voting age. I love Democrat logic. They think that people should be able to vote at 16, but they’re not mature enough to have a gun until middle age or thereabouts … on my planet, a vote in the hands of a child is more dangerous to our nation than a gun.

Oh, yeah, like all good Democrats she wants to pack the Supreme Court, but only until it has a liberal majority. No more Justices after that, it just wouldn’t be fair to the American people.

And in a daring blow for inequality, she says that black people should get special preference over Asian people for college admissions, because history.

There you have it, folks. This is what is definitely not “crazy left wing” or “radical” in Democrat party terms … just Kamala, a typical middle-of-the-road Democrat who said that the BurnLootMurder riots are a good thing and that “They’re not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not going to stop after Election Day.”

Of course, that was before the fateful day when über-liberal CNN commentator Chris Cuomo finally woke up and was the first to publicize the fact that the riots were hurting the Democrats’ election chances. And curiously, at that precise moment, “the scales fell from her eyes” and she and Joe suddenly fell to their knees and became born-again anti-violence crusaders …

How long do you think their anti-violence stance will last? Easy. Until November 3rd. After that, they’re free to ignore the riots just like they did for the first three months of the riots and even through the Democrat Convention.

Folks, do you really want to wake up after the election to find this angry, vindictive woman in charge? Here’s the kind of woman she is.

During last month’s Democratic debate, for example, Tulsi Gabbard slammed Harris for blocking DNA testing that could have exonerated death row inmate Kevin Cooper while she was district attorney of San Francisco.

Cooper was convicted of murdering Douglas and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year old daughter Jessica, and 11-year-old Christopher Hughes, a family friend of the Ryens’, during a home invasion in the Chino Hills area in 1983. For the past 15 years, his attorneys have been fighting for advanced testing of DNA evidence which they claim could exonerate their client, a move that was opposed by Harris while she was attorney general of California. Last year, after the case was publicized by the New York Times’ Nick Kristof, Harris backtracked and told the paper that she felt “awful about this” and now supports the testing, but did not explain what prompted her change of heart. SOURCE: Five Times Prosecutor Kamala Harris Got The Wrong Man

The article asks “… what prompted her change of heart?”

“Objection, your Honor! Asking about her change of heart assumes facts not in evidence. We’ve heard no testimony to establish that she in fact possesses such an organ!”

You want her in charge of your life? Really?

Look, I get it. Trump is indeed the word’s largest asswhole. He’s crass, he’s brash, he’s vulgar, he shoots from the hip. He’s stream of consciousness, telling us all exactly what he thinks at any moment … and that’s simply not done in polite society. He’s incapable of saying that anything is ordinary, he is endlessly driven to exaggerate. Everything is “huge”, or “the best evar” or “the worst since the world began”.

He is a builder, physically and metaphorically, and everything is relative to whatever he’s building at the moment. If something helps the building he’s all for it … for now. But if next week it impedes the building, he’ll be all against it. People think that’s flip-flopping, or that he was lying in one instance or the other … neither is true. He’s building, nothing matters but the building, so lead, follow, or get out of the way.

In short, he’s your average New York City mega-asswhole real estate developer writ large.

But I didn’t vote to hire him because of his wonderfully modulated and non-abrasive personality. I voted to hire him because at the moment he’s the asswhole we need, for a simple reason.

He’s the asswhole who gets the job done.

He’s the total jerk that actually does move the Embassy to Jerusalem like every President before him promised to do. And no, despite the Democrat doomsayers predicting all kinds of bad things, the Middle East didn’t erupt … in fact, historic Middle East peace agreements were just signed on Trump’s watch.

He’s the unpleasant and vulgar repairman who belches and tells off-color jokes, but who has replaced the horrible economy-killing NAFTA agreement, and replaced it with a fair agreement so that our factories can come home and our children can have a chance. Whatever you think of him, he gets the job done.

So please, hold your nose if you have to, but vote to re-elect the President. Vote for him if for no other reason than to keep that evil woman out of power. I’m from California, we know her around here. You do NOT want her as your President. You should be terrified of the mere possibility. Seriously. Walk away from the corrupted Democrat party and vote for the President.

My very best to all of you, however you may vote. I do my best, and at times I actually succeed, in living by the words of a man much wiser than I, writing in a time much more divided than even our own:

“Let us neither express, nor cherish, any harsh feeling towards any citizen who, by his vote, has differed with us.” — Abraham Lincoln

Here on our hillside with a tiny view of the distant ocean , we’ve had a few days free of smoke from the forest fires. The Glass Fire is only partly contained. It’s about 30 miles (50 km) inland from here. The ocean breezes have pushed the smoke south and east. And glory of glories, there is rain in the forecast … of course, that’s a week away so it’s very unsure, but it’s better than no rain in the forecast, so I’m a happy man.

Me, if my glass is half-full, I just pour it into a glass half the size and keep going …

Hug your families, go for a moonwalk, breathe through your umbilicus, life is short.


11 thoughts on “Kamala

  1. Well said, Willis. Rough edged people don’t bother me in a work environment. Just get the job done and facilitate others in their progress. Competence, not fuzzy wuzzy is all that matters. But, unfortunately
    competent people are intimidating to those who are not. Hence the fights.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Willis. I’m in Australia and we have a control freak in charge in the State of Victoria. He is a power hungry maniac using the Covid 19 situation to undermine democracy.


    Patrick Purcell

    On Tue, 6 Oct. 2020, 10:20 Skating Under The Ice, wrote:

    > Willis Eschenbach posted: ” Let’s talk real. Joe is not the presidential > candidate. Kamala is. Everyone knows that Joe will step aside in the first > couple of years “to spend more time with his family”. More than 60% of > registered Democrats say if he wins, he won’t last until the fo” >


  3. Her judicial philosophy gives me goosebumps. She adheres to Thurgood Marshall’s quote “You do what you think is right and let the law catch up”. She just KNOWS what is right, the law be damned.


  4. Your nation is such a puzzle to me Willis.
    In (relative) peacetime, your domestic political arm wrestles become a take-no-prisoners battlefield.
    Often accompanied by street violence.
    Yet when your nation does take to a real battlefield against an actual enemy action, you guys present a formidable unified force.
    Can you think of some “higher purpose” that could be presented to your citizens that might galvanize unity and selflessness in the general citizenry? (ie the antithesis of the identity politics that seems to obsess half the citizens)


  5. Your nation is such a puzzle to me Willis.
    In (relative) peacetime, your domestic political arm wrestles become a take-no-prisoners battlefield.
    Often accompanied by street violence.
    Yet when your nation does take to a real battlefield against an actual enemy action, you guys present a formidable unified force.
    Can you think of some “higher purpose” that could be presented to your citizens that might galvanize unity and selflessness in the general citizenry? (ie the antithesis of the identity politics that seems to obsess half the citizens)


    • Fortunately, I don’t see a higher purpose yet. In a similar situation a higher purpose was presented to citizens of Germany in a book Mein Kampf, by one Adolf Hitler. The result was World War 2. Few people remember that Germans were united under a National Socialist Party. The Left is still looking for a Higher Purpose.


  6. The slimeballs in conjunction with a complicit and completely dishonest media appear to have somehow succeeded in politicizing a public health problem.

    The sleazy bastards want to have it both ways. On the one hand, they want to wreck the economy with their hard lockdowns while at the same time whinging about unemployment. If the slimy bottom-feeders of the media had any integrity, they’d point out the glaring logical inconsistency.

    If there was any doubt in your mind as to the willingness of the media and the left-wingers to engage in gutter tactics, their behavior should have erased them by now.

    Nine months ago, Trump would have been re-elected in a landslide.


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