Things Look Better With Gaslight

People have been pushing the claim below, that BurnLootMurder and the Auntie Fascists (the fascists who are ludicrously calling themselves “Antifa”) are mostly holding peaceful demonstrations, NOT riots. They say the demonstrations are “93% peaceful” …

However, it wasn’t clear to me what “peaceful” meant and thus what the numbers meant, hence this post.

And “93% peaceful” sounds reassuring, right? … at least until you realize that Russian Roulette is 83% peaceful …

Me, I’m a suspicious guy. I suspected that if the Auntie Fascists illegally blocked a major highway that would have been classified as “peaceful”, although keeping someone from getting a sick child to a hospital is hardly “peaceful” … so rather than guessing, I went to get the facts. Here’s the link to the study, and it’s even stranger than I feared. Here’s the TL;DR version:

  • If the city doesn’t call out the cops … the riot is classified as peaceful.

Guys … the reason the riots are going on is BECAUSE the cities haven’t called out the police. Instead, the Democrat mayors and governors have shackled the police in their barracks. Using that as a criterion for “peaceful” is a sick joke.

So the first thing we can be sure of is that more, perhaps lots more, of the “demonstrations” were actually violent than they claimed.

Now, as folks know, I’m a math guy. So I looked at the numbers cited above … even with their bogus definition of “peaceful”, that works out to SEVENTY-FIVE VIOLENT RIOTS EVERY MONTH!

These rioters and their Democrat allies are doing their best to convince people that BurnLootMurder and the Auntie Fascists are peaceful legitimate organizations because there are only, don’t forget the only, seventy-five violent street riots going on per month in America. They keep describing the current situation, with no less than seventy-five riots per month and likely more, as being “mostly peaceful”.

There is a name for this underhanded trick.

noun [ U ]
US /ˈɡæs.laɪ.tɪŋ/ UK /ˈɡæs.laɪ.tɪŋ/

the action of tricking or controlling someone by making them believe things that are not true.

Don’t fall for the Democrats’ gaslighting tricks. These are RIOTS, seventy-five of them a month, NOT “peaceful demonstrations” … and guess what?

They are MORE violent because the Democrats are NOT calling the police out, so using the lack of police callouts to define “peaceful” is just more Democrat-supported gaslighting. Here’s the way that the Democrats are playing this game:

My best to all my friends of all of the colors under the rainbow … and VOTE THESE RIOT-SUPPORTING DEMOCRATS OUT OF POWER! Yes, race is an issue … but rioting won’t fix it, it just makes things worse.

The Democrats, with their allies in BurnLootMurder and the Auntie Fascists, are destroying America and gaslighting the populace. Don’t fall for their lies. Antifa and BLM are RACIST ORGANIZATIONS, they are forces of destruction not union, and violence is what they do the best.

If you don’t see that the riots are making the racial divide WORSE, not better … well, I don’t know how to finish that sentence, but come to your senses, please. Seventy five riots per month just makes the races hate each other more.

Not hate each other less, as the gaslighters claim.

Hate each other more. You are encouraging the uguliest racism, violent racism, and that never ends well.

Please, my Democrat friends, I beg you, wake up and smell the coffee. Your unquenchable hatred for Orange Man Bad is leading you down a dark, violent, and ugly path … YOUR PARTY is responsible for seventy-five riots per month, and don’t think people aren’t noticing.


PS—Please don’t point out that after three entire months of nobody in the Democrat Party condemning the rioting, and after four days of the DNC Convention without even a mention of the rioting much less a condemnation, that Joe ‘Hiden is now a newly born-again antiviolence crusader …

Far too little, far too late, that’s just more Democrat gaslighting.

44 thoughts on “Things Look Better With Gaslight

  1. Hi Willis,
    The situation is far more dire than that. I have read recently that the report was giving stats for riot locations, not riot numbers. So Portland counts only as 1. I will try to fing my reference.


  2. That “confined to specific blocks” crap was what the news in Portland was trying to feed us for the longest time. Then they finally had to acknowledge that it spread all over the city, including Mayor Weasel’s neighborhood. Then, after 80 days or so of nightly riots, Trump sent in the Feds because the Mayor Weasel and Portland cops were doing nothing to protect Federal property, so the narrative became. “it was peaceful until Trump brought in the troops and stirred up violence!” After Trump withdrew the troops, it was still, of course, Trump’s fault. Now it has become, “white supremacists” or “white nationalists” are responsible for all of the violence. Sigh.


  3. I do not envy the citizens of the US. Come November, they will have to choose the lesser of two evils. In a country with so much talent, surely the parties must be able to come up with better candidates?


    • Actually, your sympathy is misplaced. There are many of us who are very pleased with the policies and results produced by President Trump. I’m one of them and I hope to see him reelected.

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    • Actually, Art, there are many, many people who are overjoyed with the President we have … so I’ll ask you what I ask everyone, and haven’t yet gotten an answer …

      What has the President done, not said but done, that you think is so bad?

      I mean, he’s the first President in decades who did not start a new war, that’s gotta be wrong.

      And he got the Europeans to start paying what they owe to NATO, that’s clearly awful.

      He stopped us from signing the TPP, which would have completed the gutting of the US economy started with NAFTA. Obviously wrong again.

      He also re-negotiated NAFTA, which will bring hundreds of businesses back to the US. Bad President.

      He let a bunch of wrongly sentenced black people out of jail … that proves he must be evil.

      Seriously, Art, if that were all he did in his first term I’d be happy. But there is lots more. He got rid of that horrendous bureaucratic outreach called WOTUS. He defeated ISIS and destroyed their caliphate. He’s gotten rid of hundreds of bogus government regulations. He has been very proactive regarding women in business. He just formed a task force to investigate violence against native American women. He’s formed “enterprise zones” to encourage black small business people.

      He’s brought back more Americans who were imprisoned abroad than any other President. He’s strengthened the military. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem, which Obama promised to do and never did. He appointed a gay guy as Ambassador to Germany.

      And wonder of wonders, he’s gotten the UAE and Israel to sign a peace treaty, and the same for Israel and Kosovo, another Muslim nation.

      And he has done all of that in the face of the most underhanded, implacable, illegal, and vile coup attempt mounted by DEMOCRATS, INCLUDING THAT SCUMBAG JOE BIDEN.

      That’s not even all of his accomplishments. He got the kangaroo courts out of our colleges, and every male in college should bless him for that. He’s pushing for school funding to follow the student not the school, and every parent in the US should bless him for that. He just got the ugly and divisive “intersectional racism” bullshit thrown out of the US government.

      And he’s done all that while donating every penny of his salary to good causes … but Art, you call him at best the “lesser of two evils”???

      You think you, or Joe Biden, or some other US politician could have done more than that for our country? Don’t make me laugh.

      So break it out, bro, give us your long list of the bad things you think Trump has done …


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      • When you are President, there is a blurry line between what you say and what you do. He has an abrasive personality. He is surely not a gentleman (that’s probably what got him elected). I was badly disappointed by his handling of John McCain.

        He is not a guy I would invite for dinner. But I’ll vote for him. We don’t need more “gentlemen” doing business as usual. How about Gentleman Biden falling for an Atlantic “losers and suckers” hoax?


        • John McC should have been smacked in the mouth decades ago, what a totally worthless piece of crap he became. Ran for his first office to “reform” the VA and never did a damned thing to help any veteran other than himself.


        • George,
          I agree that President Trump comes across as abrasive. That is his public persona. From what I have read, he’s much different in one on one or small group settings. He’s said to be very gracious and an excellent listener.


          • Well, he certainly ‘doesn’t suffer fools graciously”.

            Doesn’t communicate well somehow, though media like to misquote him by leaving out much of what he said.

            The book “Let Trump Be Trump” is interesting.


      • Willis I have been singing the verses of the song you played above for some time.. as my mom used to always say “your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.” BTW I too, am Art, and have posted here in the past and sorry to see my namesake post something I disagree..


        • Sorry for the confusion, Art,, I did not realise. I will post as Art Slartibartfast from now on. I hope that Willis can tell us apart from the e-mail addresses.


          • Art S., I make it a point to NEVER look at email addresses unless I’m asked to. I don’t think people should post anonymously, and I also defend their right to do so by not investigating or outing them.



      • Thank you for your extensive reply. Did not realise the sensitivity of the topic. On the whole, I think the US has been better off with Trump than if Clinton had won. On the plus side, I give him credit for pulling out of the Paris Accord, and he is right for chastising the European NATO members underinvesting in defense.
        On the minus side, one of the things that really irks me that has been in the news lately is his apparent disrespect for veterans. People who put their lives on the line for their country deserve better.
        Sending in agents to refuse to identify to which law enforcement agency they belong arresting people, detaining them without charging them as happened in Portland does not sound like something that belongs in a democracy. The way he is handling the COVID 19 pandemic seems to be less effective than it could have been.
        But heaven forbid that the Democrats win in November with their jumble of plans for climate change mitigation, energy transition and social justice (whatever that is supposed to mean).
        We may disagree on how we value Trump, Wilis, but I do enjoy your writing that follows at face value wherever it is the facts take the the story. I have learned much from your articles, also over at WUWT,
        All the best,
        Art Slartibartfast


        • Art, the “disrespect for veterans” is total bullshit. It has grown out of an unsourced political hit piece published in the Atlantic … a piece which even the Editor has said was a lie. Trump has done more for the veterans than any president in decades, and lots of them have stood up to say so.

          Thanks for the explanation, appreciated, and thanks for all the fishes …



    • Really? A pro America, pro industry, pro energy production and pro military candidate opposed by an open socialist? Glad I don’t live in whatever craphole country you are in.


    • “I do not envy the citizens of the US. Come November, they will have to choose the lesser of two evils.”


      Art, I believe you have both you panties and mind twisted. Please tell us just what you think ‘evil’ is. Try looking it up in a dictionary for starters before you respond. Acid / purple microdot / orange sunshine may help you to clear your twisted logic. It won’t hurt.

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  4. As soon as the first window is broken or the first punch is thrown it is a riot. And when you stand in any street in America and scream Death To America you are an insurrectionist. Period. Full stop.


  5. 93% peaceful …. Sounds similar to the “97% of scientists agree” meme. Have the percentages been Cooked? A little more tweaking and maybe they can get the 97% threshold.

    I like the Russian Roulette analogy w/ pic.


  6. Of course, the whole idea of “peaceful protest” is gaslighting, It is what used to be called a “demonstration.”
    But that was baloney too, latinizing what it really is: a show of force, a threat.


  7. Watching videos of the daily protests / demonstrations / riots / looting and other sundry mayhem, I’m convinced that most of the perpetrators are just social misfits who turn up at these events hoping for a little excitement in their dull, meaningless lives.

    Added to this, being able to lurk in a mob gives them a sense of protection from the prospect of actual personal one-on-one confrontation with law enforcement officials.

    So their reward is a sense of involvement in a noble cause, but on a strictly “what’s in it for me?” basis.

    I suspect that Martin Luther King would be disappointedly embarrassed about the BLM shenanigans.


    • As I have pointed out elsewhere, the majority of the instigators of this leftist crapspew are college educated white women. The figurehead leaders are mainly college educated black women. The “men” involved are for the most part there because the chicks are there. Same reason these “men” hangout in front of Planned Parenthood abattoirs with signs proclaiming they are pro-choice, it is where the women it is easy to have sex with are. At least that is their “reasoning”. Look at the property destruction, women egg it on, “men” ratchet up the destruction to impress them. Going into restaurants and harassing people, women lead in, the “men” ratchet up the screaming and eventual violence to impress them. A good study would be how many are actually getting laid, and how many are contracting STDs which they then spread. Sounds like grant money time!


  8. Of course what criteria denotes a “riot”. How many rocks or molotov cocktails does it take before it’s a riot? Trying to burn police in their building by blocking the entrance and trying to set the building on fire? Percentage of participants vs bystanders? Does looting count?

    Given the Democrat mayors’ refusals to call them riots (remember the “summer of love”), I doubt if the data is worth the powder to blow these thugs to kingdom come.


  9. Peaceful demonstrations exist. From Vietnam on, I have been in some of them. They took place in the light of day, and there were no flames or explosions. There was the occasional bullhorn (or sound system) but only one at a time. These things (that Democrats call peaceful) that happen at night, wild horses couldn’t drag me to them. Those – gentlemen – burned my favorite bookstore, and every other store on that block. My voting patterns have become much more predictable over the summer.

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    • Hi Ellen.
      My experience of Vietnam era protestors is at variance with yours.
      As uniformed conscripts required to partake in events in inner city public areas, we were often ostracized, berated & abused by demonstrators.
      As if we were willing supporters of getting shot at by people we had no beef with. Sheesh.
      As I alluded to in my comment above, the problem with demonstrations is that the organizers do not appraise the participants to filter out the violence-prone loonies, and also cannot stop their ranks being infiltrated by all sorts of sundry deadbeats.
      This is what is happening in the Democrat run cities of the USA now.

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