Words From The Platform

The Democrat Party Platform is online here. I thought I’d take a look at it using computer textual analysis. To get an overview of the whole document, I made a “word cloud” of the party platform, where word size indicates how often that word appears in the platform. (Common words like “is”, “are”, “go”, and “the” are excluded.)

word cloud democrat platform.png

Hmmm … and here is a list of the twenty most common words:

democrat frequent words.png

You see that the President just made the top twenty. You can also see that their main priority is health. Reasonably so, it was a big part of their midterm successes.

One of the fun things you can do with textual analysis is to see what kind of words are associated with a given term. Since race has been in the news once or twice lately, I thought I’d take a look at the terms “white” and “black”. Black is mentioned 36 times in the document, and white is mentioned 24 times.

Here are the leading words that are associated with the term “black”

term correlation
latino          0.37
asian           0.23
reason          0.23
killed          0.19
rivaling        0.16
complications   0.16
dimension       0.16
offering        0.16
talk            0.16
suppressed      0.16
june            0.16
juneteenth      0.16
enslaved        0.16
centurieslong   0.16
represent       0.16
lung            0.16
higher          0.15

No real strong trends there.

On the other hand, here are the leading words associated with the term “white” (after removing words related to “white house”):

term correlation
antimuslim      0.29
supremacist     0.29
antisemitism    0.20
supremacy       0.20
mothers         0.20
postpartum      0.20
antisemites     0.20
bigots          0.20
supremacists    0.20
hurting         0.20
nationalist     0.20
antigovernment  0.20
neonazi         0.20
predominantly   0.20
courtmartial    0.20
rightwing       0.20

Looking at that, it seems that they see white people as “predominantly rightwing neonazi nationalist anti-government anti-muslim anti-semitic supremacist bigots”.

Call me crazy, but I’m starting to get the feeling that the Democrats don’t like white people! …


11 thoughts on “Words From The Platform

  1. I analyze politics using Curtis Yarvin’s three layer theory that we are divided into Gentry, Commoners, and Clients.

    My analysis is that in the natural course of things Blacks and Hispanics that have been Clients of the Gentry would climb into the middle class and become Commoners.

    But then they would start voting Republican. So the whole race thing is to keep Blacks and Hispanics as Clients and victims fearful of those awful white supremacist systemic racists and voting Democrat.

    I’d say that Trump’s strategy is to encourage Black and Hispanics to think of themselves as ordinary Commoner Americans.


  2. They know they don’t stand a chance of winning.
    So why not just spill all their bile.
    Makes you feel sorry for all the kindergarten “teachers”.


  3. So I can see clearly now that being white as I am is no longer socially acceptable.

    I don’t want to be a socially offensive person any longer, so I’m intending to apply some sort of skin darkening substance to make myself look like I’m a “person of color”

    Surely this would be encouraged and welcomed by the vast majority of citizens who are more in tune with contemporary racial mores than I am?


    • No no, then you are doing “color” appropriation which is as evil as cultural appropriation. It’s like selling tacos when you’re actually an anglo.


  4. I dearly, truly hope the Republicans can hold the Senate, take the House, and re-elect President Trump this November, not because I think Republicans are such perfect people (we are talking about politicians after all), but they are such a far cry from the identity-politics-infected Democrats who seem to “own” their party.

    Identity politics has really killed the Democrats as a party to take seriously. There is no end to the contradictions and traps they fall into, including tolerance for rioting and destruction. I so hope that is reflected in the electoral outcome.

    One of the benefits of Trump is that we got rid of the abhorrent Federal Title IX “guidelines” for Kollege Kangaroo Kourts (how’s that for KKK?). We don’t need that policy reinstated at the Federal level.

    The late Christopher Hitchens, who was I believe a Trotskyite, managed to conduct himself well within the system, was friendly with William F Buckley, and encouraged a “young contrarian” to “have nothing to do with identity politics”. Oh, for more leftists of his sensibilities.


    • LOL. You beat me to it. Good eyes.
      Kind of glaringly obvious oversight unless they know nobody gives a hoot about it which is likely.


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