In The Slammer Again

Short note. I won’t be on Facebook for a week …

My crime?

Someone falsely claimed that I had friends who rioted in DC on January 6th, and that I supported their actions.

I said no, I didn’t know a single person who rioted.

He said well, maybe “friends” was the wrong word, but people that I was in intellectual agreement with, and that I supported their riotous deeds.

Now, I’m not a violent man. Not my style. So I protested strongly that I didn’t support any rioting anywhere, and that he was not only wrong, but he had his head so far up his fundamental orifice that if he pulled it out he’d go snowblind.

[Short digression, information from the web]

Snowblind — it’s a frightening word. Thankfully, it’s a condition that is totally preventable.

Snow blindness is a painful, temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The medical term for snow blindness is photokeratitis (“photo” = light; “keratitis” = inflammation of the cornea).

Essentially, snow blindness is caused by a sunburned eye — or more specifically, a sunburned cornea.

[End of digression]

Facebook claimed that what I’d written was “threats” and “bullying”, which has left me both in Facebook jail and in mystery.

The mystery is … where’s the threat? Did they think I was threatening that I’d reach through the intarwebs, physically pull his head out of his aforesaid orifice, and cause him to go blind? Or at least go snowblind?

And “bullying”? Bullying means forcing someone to do something under threat of violence. The stereotypical example is the schoolyard bully who tells another kid “Gimme your lunch money or I’ll punch you in the nose!”

So … what was my threat of violence? “Don’t tell lies about me supporting violence, or I’ll say bad words about you!”?

I mourn the death of the English language at the hands of the wokerati …

The good news? They said if I wanted to protest I could contact someone.

The bad news? When I clicked the link to contact someone, the web page it took me to said nobody was available to contact, because COVID … yeah, right, thats totally legit. Facebook works fine, people getting thrown in jail works fine, but there’s no one available to explain or perhaps correct a jail sentence?

Anyhow, that’s why I’ll be radio silent on FB for the coming week …

My best to all, and keep an eye on the weather, the forecast includes occasional bouts of snowblindness.


26 thoughts on “In The Slammer Again

      • Then Facebook has arbitrarily violated your rights to free association. I would sue them for loss of affection in court. I’m sure you could find an attorney that would take the case on a contingency basis, Facebook being deep pocketed and all.


      • Perhaps you and your friends could all migrate to a place that doesn’t have a woke jail and doesn’t employ woke jailers.
        The reluctance to do so by millions is what enables the woke jailers to continue throwing people in the hoosegow for wrongthink.


      • Surely you can find other ways to keep in touch with your friends, Willis. What’s so special about Facebook?

        Scrap it.


        • Andy, I could email my friends. But on FB, they post pictures and tell stories of what’s going on in their lives, celebrations, gains, losses. I know of no other way to have that information come to me on a regular basis from everyone that I know.



  1. Your threat of violence is right up there with the climate crisis, institutional racism, transphobia, falling sky and all of the other existential threats that abound in the arsenal of the ruling wankerati.


  2. Looks like it’s time to send a few door peepholes to Zuck’s office. Management appears to be in dire need of glass navels. Might provide ’em a better view of the world.


  3. The deadly riots again. A dangerous crowd armed with a fire extinguisher.
    It is nice to know that the Facebook works much faster than the D.C. Coroner. “An investigation into his [Officer Brian Sicknick’s] death is continuing.” (Wikipedia)
    Lies are an excellent foundation for a news story, but not for history.


    • Curious

      I hear that we should call it an “unarmed insurrection” now that the absence of firearms has been established, at least as far as the FBI is concerned. As insurrections go, it was pretty poor planning to try at “take the Capitol” without that most ubiquitous of weapons – le fusil. Who holds an “unarmed riot” these days”?

      One might conclude that the “riot” was nothing more than a protest that was hijacked by professional and amateur agitators as it drew to an end. I am sure if the police hadn’t opened the gates and let them in, they would have all gone home.


  4. A “marriage” is not what it used to be. A “free speech” is not what it used to be. A “public school” is not what it used to be. A “threat” is whatever Facebook wants it to be.


  5. Hi Willis
    Its truly sad to see how our Freedom of Speech is slowly being taken away but may I suggest you can fight back on Facebook! Block your “Fact Checkers” and “Moderators” in your Settings in your Profile. Look for “Blocking” and chose it! Hit “Add to Blocker List” and put the word “Fact Checker” at the top and search! Then put in “Moderators” and repeat! You’ll get a list available to you with the option to block.Hit the block button. Do this at least twice a week! Use both in singular and plural terms…
    I’m a fan of yours for a number of years now and read what you posts. Thank you for doing so because you make my day…Take care and hope this helps! God Bless!

    Dennis J Feindel

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My method of description of that condition is as follows. Direct visualization of this person’s distal colon has rendered him (or her) incapable of cogent thought due to methane inhalation. My suggestion is to improve both his (or her) worldview, Blood O2 sats, cerebral oxygenation, and general olfactory pleasure by removing said appendage from the affected area, especially before having to express the applicable waste products.

    Unfortunately, far too many times these type of people have equated criticism to hate speech, and words per the low resolution thinking individuals are as deadly as real weapons. If this does not change it will not end well.

    Always enjoy your posts.


  7. The Facebook argument is faulty logic. It is Hillary Clinton’s argument that people are Deplorable if they like Trump.

    General Case:

    A likes B
    B is BAD
    therefore A is BAD

    A doesn’t like B
    B is GOOD
    therefore A is BAD

    Specific Case:

    Willis likes Protestor
    Protestor is BAD
    therefore Willis is BAD

    Willis doesn’t like Facebook Poster
    Facebook Poster is GOOD
    therefore Willis is BAD


  8. Happens to me all the time Willis, i’m very direct and have no qualms about telling someone that they are a fuckwit, and a few minutes latter the algo catches the naughty words or the soft twats report my comments and another month off, they never stop your wall from being active just block us from commenting, thats because they still want their advertising revenue, so i simply don’t log in for 28 days fuckem.


  9. I had a Facebook account for all of three days in 2008.

    Why do you need it?

    Seriously, give your head a shake Willis, you’re better than that.

    Your true friends will always find you and reflect and relish your tenets.


    • Michael, as I mentioned elsewhere, my friends post constantly on FB. You’re asking me to give up all of that, to not be aware of the joys and sorrows of Yos in Irian Jaya, and Tony in Europe, and Mike and Turu in Australia, and John in New Zealand, and Allen in the Solomon Islands, and my high-school friends of 60 years here in the US.

      Sorry, but I value my communications with my friends, and I’m not willing to give that up.



  10. Here Willis, as soon as farcebook lets you back on post this.”If the color of your skin is the only thing that makes your life matter you are a racist.” As for keeping up with friends, that is what email is for, screw Zuckerberger.


  11. “He said well, maybe “friends” was the wrong word, but people that I was in intellectual agreement with, and that I supported their riotous deeds.”

    It’s just typical Lefty projection.
    Lefties are so delusional they think they can read minds. This due to their immersion
    and their isolation into mindless groupthink which imagine amounts of being intellectual.


  12. Seems to me that you are a marked man, Willis. First one day, then 3, now 7. Someone is watching and making stuff up to get you put in the slammer.
    When they let you out you need to find out why you were banned, or maybe some others here who do FB can do that now.


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